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  1. I also want to add a masters towel and two sleeves of balls from each 2009 and 2010. Asking $50/obo shipped.
  2. Did some closet cleaning since I am starting a new job soon. These golf pants, shoes and gift card did not make the cut. Hopefully someone will wear then on the course and continue to shoot low rounds with them. So here they are.... Pants- Peter millar 38 x ~32 dark grey Peter millar 38 x ~32 eb66 light grey - for the course Puma 38 x 32 black pants - for the course Foot joy 36x32 khaki pants - for the course Bonobos 36x 33 green pants Peter millar 36x 32 blue pants Lilly Pulitzer - 36 x ~31 orange corduroy Asking for all of the pants $150/obo shipped. That's just a hair over 20/pair.
  3. All clubs are best offer shipped. Please make offer's, I need these clubs gone. Ping I20 4-W with c-taper stiff shafts plus 1/2 inch with purple dots. They are in great condition. The only flaw, if you want to call it that would be 2 furrels are longer than the rest. I bought the irons and had the 4 and the 7 iron shafts replaced. The club repair I went to only had the longer furrels, so that is what they used. They have white tour velvet grips on them. Aaking $475/ obo shipped Ping I20 4-W with x100 shafts plus 1/2" with black dots. They are also in great condition. These
  4. [quote name='scottycamfreak' timestamp='1370745206' post='7197878'] Specs? Loft, lie and length? Color code? [/quote] They are blue dot and standard length. Sorry i did not realize i missed that.
  5. I bought this set of irons to try the shafts but i prefer steel shafts. Either way, they are 4-U with Aldila graphite VS Proto By You 85-x shafts with Iomic grips. All serial numbers match. They are in good to great condition. Most of the number have been colored blue to match the shafts and grips. SOLD.... If you have any questions, please let me know.
  6. trying to Pm you about the driver but it looks like your mailbox is full.
  7. I like all of the outfits but what is best about bubba's outfits is the watch. Man, would I love to get a hold of one of those at a fraction of the price they retail for.
  8. Spending the afternoon at the Masters with my Dad. We able to see a lot of great golf, which was memorable but what is more memorable is standing in between 9 and 18 with my Dad. I will never forget that.
  9. All items are OBO and shipped to CONUS only. Please let me know if you have any questions. No trades at the moment unless it is for a rangefinder (i can add cash if needed). Odyssey Black i 7 putter. This putter is 35 inches and has the head cover. The putter is in good condition and has a newly installed pci JUMBO grip. The HC is not in the best condition but it works great. I am asking $145/obo shipped Ping G20 3 wood I have a ping G20 3 wood that has the stock stiff shaft. It has one high ball mark but it is not that bad. It did not effect me playing at all. It doe
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