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  1. Hi mate I’ve sent you a PM - thanks
  2. I know - stupid is what stupid does -
  3. Guys hoping someone call help - bought a golf bag SMU college bag and didn’t realise the cover for were balls etc go into was missing - seller had advised in the text - which I didn’t read - anyone have a spare at all of any description that would fit - I’ve tried pxg and they sent the wrong one - anyone help me?
  4. Who could I contact to get this done please
  5. Hi how can I remove a post I just listed please
  6. Correct only difference is ones tested and other is not
  7. Mavrik Triple diamond TA (Tour Authentic) coming to selected accounts in early to mid June. Same as epic flash last year.
  8. Heard from sales rep there is a new iron coming
  9. Will be interesting to see. I was going for a combo set with P790 in longer irons but when he said that I decided to hold off and see
  10. Was at a recent TM iron fitting and the guys were saying they have been told, there’s new p790 irons coming. They hadn’t seen them nor had they any pics but did say they shouldn’t be to far away. Anyone got any info or heard anything?
  11. There is defiantly a shaft and grip choice and it’s $400 all in .
  12. Apologies if it’s in wrong place, can anyone direct me to were I can find shaft and grip options for 2018 gen 2 irons please
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