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  1. Hi mate I’ve sent you a PM - thanks
  2. I know - stupid is what stupid does -
  3. Guys hoping someone call help - bought a golf bag SMU college bag and didn’t realise the cover for were balls etc go into was missing - seller had advised in the text - which I didn’t read - anyone have a spare at all of any description that would fit - I’ve tried pxg and they sent the wrong one - anyone help me?
  4. Who could I contact to get this done please
  5. Hi how can I remove a post I just listed please
  6. Correct only difference is ones tested and other is not
  7. Mavrik Triple diamond TA (Tour Authentic) coming to selected accounts in early to mid June. Same as epic flash last year.
  8. Heard from sales rep there is a new iron coming
  9. Will be interesting to see. I was going for a combo set with P790 in longer irons but when he said that I decided to hold off and see
  10. Was at a recent TM iron fitting and the guys were saying they have been told, there’s new p790 irons coming. They hadn’t seen them nor had they any pics but did say they shouldn’t be to far away. Anyone got any info or heard anything?
  11. There is defiantly a shaft and grip choice and it’s $400 all in .
  12. Apologies if it’s in wrong place, can anyone direct me to were I can find shaft and grip options for 2018 gen 2 irons please
  13. This is my pxg 0811 X driver head. In excellent condition, I have just purchased a higher lofted one as I struggled a bit with this. Tour only head I'm sure you all know the low down on these Has B stamp beside serial number also Comes with headcover. I can also get the adaptor professionally pulled. I'm based in the UK however I can post ups to states and it takes 2-3 days, prices is based on ups postage to USA I am looking for $1200 posted Any questions please ask
  14. If I'm not mistaken it's listed as an auction and can be subject to more bids and can sell for any price really, therefore I cannot understand were you are getting the $1000 value on. I note the seller has updated the ad text also in relation to some of the "experts" views, I assume on here. The seller states it's authentic, it certainly looks authentic therefore some on this site should refrain from providing their "expert" views without seeing the putter, holding the putter etc IMHO.
  15. Well I can tell you the set I have here that were part of the rental sets have no serial
  16. Callaway have made him a one off set that he tested last week in Dubai. Forged by endo Along with a load of other stuff from all manfactures At moment M2 2016 driver and fairway New Callaway irons Vokey wedges SC putter Either Callaway of titleist ball Testing 3 Epic heads and waiting on 2017 TM heads to test before deciding He will still be a "Nike staffer" to end of next season although can sign a pre contract now. All will be revealed in Abu Dhabi
  17. Haha I know but it's gotta go in open to offers (within reason) guys
  18. Can't believe what I read on here at times regarding the legitimacy of golf clubs Bought from a registered golf retailer U have a set to compare them to For the record I just bought a set from my local authorised Pga pro Brand new set that were part of his rental clubs for the year This set never used Got a cracking deal No serials on heads at all inc the ferrule Those clubs r 100% legit
  19. I am selling my Scotty Cameron circle T super rat concept 1. The putter is brand new 33" long and has black Cameron shaft and grip No COA as I got it from a friend who plays on tour in Europe I am based in UK, inspection for those near me in UK is no problem at all I am looking £2800 UK pounds or best offer I can get this shipped via UPS to USA average time is 2-3 days within UK one day and Europe again 2-3 days No trades Any questions etc please feel free to ask
  20. Topic title says it all. Heard they have bought TM. Any truth in it ?? Thanks
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