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  1. Well said - as primarily a Mizuno blade enthusiast most of my playing life, ISIs are quite the departure. For me, it's the near blade-like feel, and consistency of ball flight that make them so enjoyable. Wasn't one of Karsten's original comments something like "function over form"? I think that certainly applies here.
  2. A bit of an UPDATE on my ISI Nickels: Played 3 rounds at Coeur D'Alene and really enjoyed playing these irons again. Shot 81, 78, 76 (and the 76 was with a triple and a double - was even par on the other 16 holes). Just really love the predictability of how the ball comes off these irons - really increases the confidence level for sure! Then I played this Sunday in Fort Worth and boom - made the 4th ace of my life - 164 yds with a 6 iron. (Made my 3rd ace in June in New Mexico this summer with Cally X-Forged (197 yds/3 iron), and my 2nd ace was in 2008 with guess what - ISI Nickel 8 iron from 153; 1st ace was with MP 14 5 iron/184 yds in 2003). But the even better part was I shot 68 Sunday (-2) which is the first time I've shot in the 60s since probably 2013/2014. The ISIs are proving to be about a half club shorter than my X-Forged from 7-PW but about the same 3-6 iron. Nonetheless, to come within 4 shots of shooting my age was a really fun round. I have not come close to playing that well in the last 3 or 4 years, so that was quite a change. I had a really good putting round (for me) which has not been the case in a long time, so that certainly contributed. At any rate, these babies are in the bag for a long time to come - Loving them so far!
  3. Well I finally got to play yesterday with my "new" ISI Nickels and it was a real treat! Feel and performance were what I was hoping for - my toe-misses definitely produced much better results than my MP 69s (not a surprise, right?) but also much better than my 2013 Cally X-Forged as well, which have been my gamers of late. Distance-wise, they seemed about 2-4 yards shorter than the X-Forged which I anticipated, since the Callys are about 1* stronger in the mid/short irons and have slightly lighter shafts. I was even par through 11 holes before we had to quit due to lightning bouncing all around us. Since I don't play frequently any more, that was the first time I've been even par at that point in a round in quite a while, so it was a real confidence builder heading into vacation next week at Coeur D'Alene. Really looking forward to my rounds there now!
  4. Yeah, memorable shots is part of what keeps me coming back to the Nickels. I got to play Valhalla GC 3 weeks after the 96 PGA there, and was 3 under after 6 holes... doubled #15 but still ended up shooting 72 - one of the most memorable rounds of my life. I still remember several specific iron shots during that round. Made my second hole in one with an 8-iron from 153 at #3 at Starmount Forest CC in Greensboro. Then in 2014, after shooting 72 in the first round of the Sr. Club Championship at Lantana GC in Flower Mound TX using MP60s (and being 2 shots behind and not happy with my iron play), I decided to switch to my ISI Nickels for the 2nd round. Shot 70 and won by 2 which was a fun memory!
  5. The irons information was interesting, but a bit shocked to see where he rated the ISI's as the worst feeling PINGs. Although, I will say that having had ISI's in all 3 metals, the Nickels feel dramatically different than the coppers and stainless to me. I've had stainless and copper EYE2's and I think the nickel ISI's blow them away based on feel - would agree they aren't as forgiving, but they're not nearly as big either!
  6. Gold paint fill was standard on the Nickel ISI's. By the way, the dog is beautiful too!
  7. I don't know for sure, but visually it looks like some kind of coating finished with a bead blast of some sort. Just a guess though from how it looks.
  8. When you see what the ISI Stainless irons look like in the Guyson finish doesn't it make you wonder why that wasn't the standard look and finish for them originally? I'm sure it was a cost issue. But man, what a great retro offering it would be to come out with a modern version of the ISI's - modern lofts (45* PW for example), same bounce, slightly heaver head weights, and in the Guyson finish. Do you think that would generate interest?
  9. Well, some photographic evidence that I guess confirms I have indeed appreciated the ISI line... I ran across some old pics from a few of the previous sets of ISI's I've had. Here are pics of an earlier set of Nickels, a set of Coppers, and a set I'd forgotten about - a set of stainless ISI's I sent to PING to have refinished (Guyson finish) and reshafted. Spent some $$$ on those and then didn't play them much - to me the stainless just didn't have as solid of a feel as the Nickels. But man they were pretty with that Guyson finish!
  10. Mine came with the original Z Z65's installed, and I hit them at the range with those shafts before I decided to reshaft them. For me, there is a big difference in feel with the PX's compared to the ZZ's. The ZZ's are clearly much stouter, but they just felt harsh and less solid to me. Could just be that they were too stiff for me, but even on solid strikes, they didn't feel as good. Probably just personal preference...
  11. Years ago I heard that they stopped using BeNi due to health/safety concerns associated with the material in the manufacturing process - not sure if that's fact though. If it is, I'd guess they won't touch them from a refinishing standpoint, but can't hurt to check with them.
  12. Wow, ColinKelvin, those are a beautifully refinished set! What shafts do you have in them?
  13. Having also had a set of ISI Coppers, and a set of Eye2 Stainless and Eye2 Coppers, the Nickels have a noticeably "dense" feel at impact, which to me is very similar to the feel of hitting a forged blade right on the sweet spot - like the ball is just splatting on the face, with no harshness whatsoever. The copper and stainless heads to me have a sharper, somewhat higher frequency feel even when struck in the center of the face. That's why to me, the Nickels are so unique - being able to play a perimeter weighted head that still gives you the pleasing solid feel at impact. The big benefit is that even striking it slightly off center, you still get that pleasing solid feel.
  14. As someone who's had way too many sets of irons throughout my life, and has primarily been a Mizuno blade player, there's something about PING ISI Nickels that keep drawing me back in. I bought a set when they first came out in 98, loved 'em but sold 'em; bought another set only to sell 'em, bought another set only to sell 'em; and have now bought my 4th set (green dots) - yeah I know, crazy. I just pulled the PX 5.5 shafts out of my MP 69's, put those heads on eBay, and replaced the Z Z65 shafts (also on eBay) in the ISI Nickels with the PX's, at +1/2" and D-3 swing weight. Just had my first range session with them, and it was a good reminder why I keep going back to them. These have a near blade-like feel at impact, and the shot results are so predictable. It's uncanny how consistent the ball comes off the faces of these. Since they don't have the modern jacked-up lofts, I'm sure they're not as long as the modern irons, but a 47* PW is fine by me. Aside from the MP 20's, there just aren't many new irons out today that really grab me, and after coming across a pristine set of these ISI's on eBay, I couldn't resist. Can't wait to get them on the course when I head to Coeur D'Alene in 3 weeks! (if you're wondering, the red dot S and S3 wedges have been bent to green dot lie angles - another great thing about these heads is that they bend easier than most forged blades!)
  15. no glare issues. plus the color contrast on the top line versus the flange color is actually a nice touch that helps greatly with alignment. loving this putter so far! Feel and quality of appearance are top notch. Another plus is that since it has 2* of loft versus most putters that have 3*, you don't see the loft at address which I personally like. For whatever reason when I see the loft of a putter it makes it look like it has a closed face angle which I don't like. Probably just my personal preference but it's a big thing for me.
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