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  1. Oak Grove used to have greens that were magnificent. Then Golf Visions took over. Need I say more? BTW, the sand from earlier this year is sill in the parking lot. Guess they've been busy.
  2. Last Friday at White Eagle on the 2nd tee box, we let a mixed 3some play through. Other than a guy in the group who hit his 4th shot from about 30 yards in front of the tee, they played quickly and we never waited a nanosec. Actually felt bad for that gentleman.
  3. Played Blackberry Oaks yesterday. Another amazingly beautiful day. They need to do something with their range although, it's the perfect range if you want to practice hitting shots from the rough or divots. The course is in very good condition although I picked up a couple of mudballs off tee shots in the fairway. The practice greens were a bit slower than the actual greens. Paired up with 2 good guys including someone who played with a split grip. Guessing he's a former hockey player. Second Saturday in a row playing with someone with a severely closed stance. However, his OTT move was very consistent and he hit a ball with a lower but very straight trajectory. Lots of ways to swing a golf club.
  4. That's the rating for IL players. The Wisconsin rating is 76.2.
  5. Can't speak to recent conditions but Blackthorn is a great layout and visually pleasing as well. Played it last summer as part of the 3 courses in 3 states in 1 day personal challenge and it was far and away a course I'd play again. I remember some tough bunkers, not because of sand/lack of sand, but rather the depth of them.
  6. Trekked to Poplar Grove today to take a run at Timber Point. Overall the course was in good shape with the exception of the bunkers which were basically packed dirt. Fortunately, I didn't have the opportunity to learn about that until 18. The day was near perfect, 85, very light winds, lucky to be enjoying the day with some good friends. Absent a couple of poor decisions off the tee, it was a solid day including playing the par 5s at 2 under including a miracle chip in par on the 7th hole and a rare 3 birdie day. Our final event is a week from Saturday at the HoE...hoping that the form that's shown up lately continues through the next couple of weeks.
  7. Arnie did the original design and somehow managed to score a sweet locker. Clearly a better course designer than locker room designer. The sideways lockers never worked.
  8. On a better note, played White Eagle on Friday. Haven't played there in years and the lack of course knowledge cost me on 3 holes, hitting the ball into water that didn't seem to be in play or wasn't easily visible. Like The Bridges, lots of mud balls in the fairways but we had rain on Thursday night so it made some sense. Pins tucked in very difficult positions, guessing they have some type of event this weekend. The fastest greens we've played all year and if you were above the pin, you were a word that rhymes with clucked. Traps were in excellent condition with sand that was 1 level below the tour issue. Nice contouring throughout the course. Having played Naperville CC a couple of weeks back, I'd say the members and staff at NCC were far more friendly and welcoming than the folks at WE. Having 3 9's is a nice advantage for WE but with retirement looming, would go with NCC over WE, despite being literally 90 seconds from WE.
  9. Well, the odds caught up to us yesterday as we encountered one of the most classless situations on a golf course. Playing The Bridges of PC, BTW, what's the project they have going on there? Redoing the practice area? Anyhoo, full tee sheet on a Saturday morning except for the father and son 2some behind our group. For a Saturday morning, pace was great and we finished the front in 1:45. However, on the par 3 7th, the father/son apparently had forgotten their etiquette and manners as while we were putting, they left the 7th tee, rolled past us and went to the 8th tee. At first, I politely said to them not to do it as it was all foursomes in front of us. They didn't respond and went on to hit their tee shots. We finished putting and went to the tee. There's now 3 groups on the hole and us waiting to tee off, making it 4 groups. The F/S all of a sudden darted to the right and we didn't know if they were going to 9 or quitting altogether. We proceeded to tee off and then here they come rolling back toward us. They stopped at the tee and I asked the WTH were they doing. He said they were going back to play the par 3. I asked why they passed us without asking or saying anything and the son, probably in his 30s said, "We don't have to say anything when we're passing people." I suggested they did and asked him if he had any etiquette or respect for others and he gave me a FY and they rolled back to the tee. They probably stayed nearly a hole behind us for the remainder of the round. My guess is they're COVID newbee golfers with no clue about anything. Lots of muds balls in the fairways yesterday. One of our guys lives in Schaumburg and said they had minimal rain no Friday night but there were 7-8 tee shots with zero roll and/or backed up. Other than that, it was PC. But the highlight of yesterday was the 18 point underdog NIU HUSKIES beating Georgia Tech in Georgia on a late TD and 2 pt conversion!
  10. Lakeside/Woodside is the lowest rated but it's still high. Whatever tee box you're thinking about playing, move 1 more up. Cantigny is a great facility but you want to have a great time. Bring some extra balls as well.
  11. Beautiful day at Blackstone today. The course was in good shape, pace was under 4 hours, bunkers were fine, a couple of birdies after reaching 2 par 5s in 2...not really much else to share as there was no shenanigan's, at all.
  12. Hasn't been the best year, health wise or golf wise...maybe the two are related. In the second to last round of our comp on Saturday, on enough Naproxen to drop a horse and after a multi hour massage, I somehow managed to put up my best round of the year and move into second place only 2 shots off first. Will get to play in the final group with the leader and hopefully that combination pf meds and massage will work it's magic a second time. And in the spirit of humor, in the middle of that round, I cold topped a 5h on a 200 yard par 3, leaving 96 to the pin. Wouldn't you just know I hit a 56 degree wedge that one hopped into the cup for a 2. Whew.
  13. Have heard they made some course changes along with updating the facilities. Anything you can share on that MK?
  14. Need to add someone to your team with eraser proficiency.
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