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  1. If he was on GolfWRX he would have gone at it, stuck it, and made the birdie putt.
  2. Just keep a burrowing animal in your bag and if your ball ends up in a divot, pull it out and claim the varmint caused the predicament.
  3. The biggest change in PGA golf over the last 25-30 years is the literal number of players who can win on any given week. Back in the day, you had a group of maybe 10 players and now there are probably 50 who can win. Through the first 20 events or so, BDC was the first 2 time winner. Another part is money. Players don't need to be in the field each week because they're making event mooney from the purses, endorsements, etc. that they can have a very comfortable living while maintaining some level of work/life balance. Golf is going through a maturation and logical influx of talent
  4. Current conditions at St. Andrews... https://www.facebook.com/st.andrewsgolf/videos/294127912136575
  5. Drove past Springbrook this morning and it's at least 75% clear. Down in the south burbs, there is minimal snow on the ground. In addition to St. Andrews, Golf Now is showing that Carriage Greens in Darien is open and Boughton Ridge.
  6. My single length 3 iron is as easy to hit as the single length 7i. One swing, one ball position, simplicity at it's finest.
  7. Way to tough it out with those frigid conditions!
  8. Apparently some people played St. Andrews yesterday. For the record, I'm not in the pic or the photographer.
  9. Drove past Springbrook this morning and would guestimate the course is 85% covered in snow. Not sure if they left the pins in all winter but they're in place now.
  10. Can't see even St. Andrews being in any kind of playable condition next week.
  11. Having had the privilege of playing with DSS, neither of those observations is accurate. He smells like the guy who is sneaky long and can keep up with someone 20 years his junior. DSS has game.
  12. Per Simone Adamley, "Um, he's hurt. My best friend's sister's boyfriend's brother's girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who's going with the girl who saw Tiger pass out at 31 Flavors last night. I guess it's pretty serious."
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