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  1. They are putting a new dome up and also are replacing the artificial turf as well. That dome wasn't originally designed for golf but instead softball and soccer plus it's probably 15+ years old. All the the Toptracer technology will be reinstalled as well and I think they're still looking for an early November go live date. They just reopened the bar/restaurant and have all the social distancing programs in place. Nikki, one of the managers from Mistwood who also works at McWethy's, said Jim's son and daughter have become very involved in all of the operations and they're carrying on their Da
  2. 63 years old...and chose the 220-240 option. Pulled up the Arccos numbers just to see and maybe I was a bit low. Think the 314 yard drive was just caught perfect with perfect conditions but that only happens a few times a year. Smart Distance and Range 223RANGE (LOW) 239SMART DISTANCE 266RANGE (HIGH)314LONGEST SHOT
  3. So, this year I've donated about $10,000 to my college's golf team. I also bought 2 bags that they were selling in order to raise funds, considering how tight budgets have been cut this year. Are you saying that I should not only give back the 2 bags but also probably 20 polo's, hats, windbreakers, etc. because I didn't "play" on the team? BTW, you might want to learn what school spirit is as the entirety of the alumni population as well as those who attended the university but weren't able to graduate are all part of the university community as opposed to your label of "random
  4. There was a plan approved by Kane County maybe 7-8 years years ago to fix the drainage issues and I thought they WERE going to build a range and a short course for kids on the north east corner of the property. Lots of lawsuits over the land use and cost. Maybe I was drinking but I also thought they were putting a running path as part of the redo. The plan was to close it next year and open mid summer in 2022. I think Greg Martin is the architect. He did a pretty good job with The Preserve so hopefully he can fix the drainage issues on SH. There is some great terrain to work with so fingers c
  5. I'm currently a 4 handicap and thinking with a couple of months of practice, I could go pro. Would it be a shorter path to the PGA by winning on the Asian or European Tour and should I just Monday qualify for a PGA event and win that? Signed, JonesScott or one of my many other aliases.
  6. My take is on their "rules" is that they're trying to preserve the club and the history of it. They want everyone's experience to be the same as it was at the club 100 years ago so you could see how golf was played then. And as someone closer to 100 than zero, there's a lot to be said to walk the fairways, experience the non-air conditioned club house exactly as those who did it long ago. I get it's not everyone's preference but I was OK with everything and cherish that day. You're literally experiencing history.
  7. About a week before we played there, Jim sent us a list of "rules." No cell phone once on property, no GPS, no laser, you rely on the caddie or do it yourself. In a different group we saw someone pull out a cell phone and they quickly made the person turn the phone off and I doubt it reappeared. And I'm with MCI, I'd forgo any adult beverages for the opportunity to play there once more, let alone have a membership. It's that special of a course.
  8. When we played CGC with the late Jim McWethey, he was very quick to point out that after the round we could have 1 drink and he preferred if it was an Orange Whip, which we of course complied with. Without a doubt the most reserved club I've played.
  9. Our friend who missed the season recovering from surgery booked it. As stupid as I am, TF is not in the rotation and now it's off of the desperation list.
  10. Definitely agree on 13, that long of a hole shouldn't take driver out of your hand. Move the tees up and make it a short par 4, risk reward for carrying the schmutz. The decision on 3 is risk/reward in terms of how much you want to cut off the lake. In all the rounds I've played there, only once did the houses in the left come into play but I can understand what you're thinking. To me, that's probably the largest fairway on the entire course, and again, it depends on how safe you want to play.
  11. Intrigued to hear which holes you thought were a joke. That hasn't crossed my mind about OV. Did the houses come into play for you? Thinking there are 5-6 holes where there are houses but aren't they pretty offset from the course?
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