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  1. The no water on the course isn't about COVID it's about the $$$. Guessing we've played about 20 different courses so far this year and everyone has higher greens fees, cost of range balls and beverages. They'll eventually price themselves out of the game as all the alternatives to golf are back open.
  2. Played 14 holes at Bartlett Hills on Saturday until the weather won out. They're following the trend of many other courses and taking trees out. Leaving 14 and driving past the 16th green, you can see the trees by the trap on the right are gone as well as the overhanging tree on the left has been cut back. Bartlett is also following the path of other courses and jacking their rates through the roof. Believe with a small bucket it was $79. Bartlett Hills isn't an $75 golf course by any stretch and at that cost, we'll stay away. Our group is playing our first competitiv
  3. When you buy a $130 Phillips Sonicare toothbrush to keep the grooves in your irons/wedges minty fresh.
  4. That is possibly the most naive list ever. In the Chicago area alone, The Highlands, Cantigny, Prairie Landing and Arrowhead deserve to be on that list ahead of Harborside.
  5. Several years ago I did a thread on Arrowhead and broke down the financials of the entire operations through their annual report. Pre-COVID, they were making 4x in profits on the bar/restaurant/banquets/events as compared to the golf course. They're really a banquet facility that has a great golf course.
  6. I was in the group V is referencing. We were putting when a ball rolled up on the green and ended up about 18 feet away. Helluva poke. Wondering if he made the putt.
  7. After finishing 18, you take the tees used in that round and throw them in the washer with a load of golf apparel so you have clean tees for the next round.
  8. Played the Elgin daily double this weekend. On Friday, met up with Hawkeye77 who was in town for Monte's clinic. Gotta brag on Hawkeye as he played some awfully great golf. On number 6, the first par 5 at Bowes, he hit a THREE WOOD 337 yards. He'll say it was down wind (true) and firm (also true) but he absolutely nuked that shot and quite a few more. Even more impressive was his putting. In the 5 to 15 foot range, I'm not sure that he missed a putt over the entire round. On number 2, which to me is one of the tougher par 4s on the course, he smoked a drive and then hit an iron to about 4
  9. So much doesn't make sense with this. Do they actually need to pick the range to start fresh the next day or could you have someone come in an hour before the range opens in the morning and do the same thing? Bolingbrook is open until 9P which would seems to be reasonable considering they have lights and I've left there at that time with plenty of balls still out on the range.
  10. The most important is a forgiving wife who lets you practice and play as much as you want.
  11. We were there a couple of years back and they just put our push carts in the back of the shuttle.
  12. You used the most important word for keeping pace on target...ranger. We've probably played 20 courses so far this year and we've yet to see a ranger on any course. Even starters are becoming rare.
  13. What is there not to like about PB? Great practice area, accommodating staff, single friendly, pace is always good, the layout is fun and the course is always in great condition. And, you've got the prison to add to the esthetics.
  14. Part of the challenge with the USGA is that it needs to think and operate like a business. Spending more than you take in is a recipe for failure. You can have loss leaders in some areas of the business, and do some charitable spending, but overall you need to take in more than you spend. Business 101. But, here's a couple of things from the USGA's 2020 annual report that might make you go hmmm. As a non-profit, they need to report their financials and have them audited as well. You might be shocked to learn that the USGA has $884,000,000 in assets (yes $885 MILLION), up from ba
  15. Last night, I was watching some old Andy Griffith reruns on the Me TV network. All they talked about was the peaceful town of Mayberry. Then it dawned on me, why that's the case. All of the main characters are single. Andy, Helen, Barney, Thelma Lou, Aunt Bee, Gomer, Floyd etc. are not married. The only married character is Otis, and he's smashed 98% of the time. Maybe that's why it's such a peaceful town.
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