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  1. If VNutz hasn't responded, there are 2 benefits...and one is Bubbles.
  2. In the Bears locker room they seriously called him "Biscuit." Dan Hampton would say "he's a biscuit away from 400 pounds."
  3. Economics 101, supply and demand. Got a D in that class.
  4. Anyone share the concern that the snow, then freezing ice over is going to impact greens as we experienced a few years back? Although I'm not an agronomist, I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last weekend which clearly qualifies me as such. Pretty sure after 45-60 days without oxygen, greens start to die off.
  5. Do you mean that the $399 price tag on a Cally Super Hybrid is too high?
  6. Don't do it. Guess I'm not very convincing.
  7. When 1 range session after picking up your new custom fit clubs that were built 2 degrees upright, you to go back to the fitter and have the clubs made 2 degrees flat. Posting for a friend.
  8. In addition to golf I love to cook and am a Food Network junkie. It appears they've run out of ideas for new shows. Last night there was a show with a zombie making Asian food. The title of the show was "Dead Man Wok-ing."
  9. Eagle Ridge in Galena has awesome courses. If you wanted, you could easily play the General for 1 round and then either the North Course (easier) or South Course (much harder) the next day. You can stay in the lodge and it's pretty reasonably priced but it's about 10 minutes from downtown Galena which is just a fun experience with great restaurants and bars at rural prices.
  10. Sometimes being a nice guy really bites you in the keister. Several years ago, a prominent WRXer posted about having a VSteel stolen. At no cost to him, I sent him a replacement club with the one stipulation that if he wasn't going to use it that it be returned and not sold, given away, or deposited in a bag of old clubs. He willingly agreed. Happened to see about a year later that it was no longer in his bag so I sent a note asking for it to be returned. The only sound heard since, has been crickets.
  11. Pre-COVID this was mostly correct. Not sure where you are but here in the Chicago area, this dynamic has changed in the past 2 seasons.
  12. Very logical approach MJ. Glad to see you haven't changed over the years and through fatherhood.
  13. I'd be more concerned about the guy who shows with with blades from 1987, that have a wear spot the size of a dime on the face.
  14. Left the best part out of the Springbrook story. The male golfer of the husband wife combo was playing the new French golf ball from the Rangé golf ball company. Just special.
  15. Have you two played TPC Deere Run and The General?
  16. Well my friend, I'm sure my massive 220 yard blasts off the tee looked amazing, on a comparative basis!
  17. Highly likely that today's round at Springbrook was the capper to 2021. Played with a friend from our comp who's non-weather phobic like me. We were paired up with a couple and let me just say wow. The first hole at Springbrook for the uninitiated, is a short par 4 with a bunker reachable about 210 off the tee and about 225 to clear. Both our "partners" had hit 5 shots before getting to the bunker, oh my, this is just going to be ugly. We played from the front edge of the blue tees due to the wind and lack of roll. They played 1 tee box forward and frankly, they should have started from the 150 marker. On 3, we encouraged the guy to go ahead and tee off as the 4some in front of us was barely 200 off the tee Who knew that he'd pull a drive straight left and fire a warning shot off his wife's bag. Oops. Guessing this is another COVID golfing couple as the total lack of etiquette was apparent in 99% of their actions. On 5, they literally stood next to me talking while hitting my approach. I backed off once and didn't say anything. Backed off a second time and gave them "the look." Had to back off a third time and asked if they were done talking before rushing through a shot. All in all, it was golf on December 27 so you can't really b*tch too much. In a couple of weeks we'll probably be begging for the chance to play like today instead of being dome bound.
  18. Oh...it's going to be 45 on Tuesday! Teasing...know you have a Mendoza line for temps.
  19. Warming up on the range last Saturday and a guy parks it next to me with the extra jumbo bucket of balls. Proceeds to split them up, yes he counted, between two bays just to the left of him. Two ladies 20s/30s make their way over to him. Listening to him talk I'm thinking this is the next coming of Butch Harmon as he's reciting something probably from a Golf Digest article. After his teaching he proceeds to explain he's going to show them what to do. You already know where this is going but... First shot is a rocket to the right. Steps back, collects his thoughts. Second shot is a rocket to the right. Steps back, ponders what Butch would suggest and decides to share his inner swing thought. Third shot, dead right. One of the young ladies says, "Are you sure that's how you're supposed to do it." Had to leave as it's just not right to openly laugh at another human being.
  20. There's a couple of decent temp days coming up...
  21. We can build our own story, which might be better. Starting off... I go to school at a small midwestern university am a member of a middle class country club and never thought something like this would happen to me.
  22. Not exactly a story that ends with "And they live happily ever after."
  23. If you ever need a caddie for your M/G Uncle Cardie, let me know.
  24. After doing some research, apparently in her stupor, she asked if a 4HDCP could beat an LPGA pro.
  25. Not sure that is correct regarding the side stamp. Each has a distinctive marking as per the USA Conforming Ball list. Here's what they show for 3pc balls...
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