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  1. GolfWRX is the best place on the internet to learn about new technology while also conversing with some of the most knowledgeable teachers & fitters around. There is no question that this community can't find the answer to.
  2. I'll join the group of people saying Phil from the pine straw. Magical moment.
  3. I voted yes, but i wish there was a 3rd option of "I guess they're ok." Pros: Cool color combos, gives a nice custom look to your bag. Cons: Really expensive, don't last very long vs. price, lack of tag options (1,3,5,X... really?), not really going to protect against a serious impact. Lately the cons have won over the pros for me and I haven't replaced a few that have worn out for me.
  4. Tried this at the golf store the other day. The insert feels dead, just like most other inserts. I couldn't find a discernible difference from the White Ice inserts except for maybe a little bit more of a click.
  5. $500 to $1000 based on their website. The website has a form where you can get a quote on what you're looking for.
  6. Just to go on the flip side of this... there's a lot of listing items for fair prices with shipping included and buyers offering what amounts to you swallowing the cost of shipping. The reality of the BST here is that buyers have the mentality that everything is shipped free and they have a price in mind they're willing to pay for a club. It really makes a buyer angry when you tell them you won't come down that $12 because that's the cost of shipping. So, yeah. I can understand that sellers are trying to cut corners to make some of that money back. If the shipping method you want isn't li
  7. Don't be fooled by a good first experience. These guys don't pay attention to details at all. Your next purchase is just as likely to be clubs that are 1" short and beat to s%@t. Shill bidding on eBay is also fun.
  8. The stainless m Series and the "classic" FGP feel about the same and they're made from the exact same material. The difference there is all in the looks. The SS m Series may "click" just a little more, but I think that's head design more than anything. As said above, you get a feel difference when you move into the carbon steel versions. There is a clear difference between the SS FGP and my mFGP CS. Muted and soft are good words. Maybe not the softest ever, but it's nice. Honestly, the SB series made out of aluminium may be the best "feeling" of the SeeMore's to me. My SB2 feels great.
  9. I was going to collect them, but honestly I gave it up. Great company and I like most of their products, but they are so hard to find on the used market. Buying them new is gut wrenching since the new putters lose half of their value the second they leave SeeMore's building. I've owned a FGP, mFGP CS, mFGP2 CS, m1, m3, DB4 CS, and a SB2. Of those I only have the m1, SB2, and mFGP left.
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