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  1. I wonder when the TV contracts that the PGA tour has expire. It seems that the tour creates its own streaming channel for $5/ mo and bypass the networks. If that happens, GC has nothing to offer. Not sure who owns PGA tour radio, but not sure how it continues as is. Golf magazines, Golf Channel, PGA tour radio all seem to be dead men walking.
  2. No Laying Up podcast with Lisa Cornwell doesn’t help the golf channel’s image.
  3. Several years ago, I happily paid $5/mo to get the Golf Channel and primarily subscribed to Sirius/XM for PGA Tour radio. Having said that, the programming has gotten so bad, I hardly spend anytime on either channel. I figured I would give the new Morning Drive called Golf Today a try and other than the interview with Jack, it was vapid fluff. It’s so disappointing because both channels used to be really enjoyable. What’s everyone else’s opinion?
  4. Couple of questions- 1) it seems that the distance from the hole to the shaft is entirely based on where one stands 2) curious about the hcaps of plumb bobbers
  5. I can’t see any real benefit to plumb bobbing other than as a confidence boost. the numerous problems are: -given the center of gravity of the putter and the taper of the shaft, the edge is not going to be exactly vertical -if plumb bobbing days a cup out, there is no adjustment for the speed of the green which affects the break -it doesn’t take uphill or downhill into account either its a poor crutch at best
  6. So here’s one of the big take aways for me- a player needs to hole a 19 footer to make up for 3 putting from 50 feet. Lad putting is huge and many players do nothing more than hit a few long putts on the practice green and calls it good. some had said practice inside 10’ and outside 30’; in between won’t matter much
  7. I calculate strokes gained inside 10’, 10’-20’ and beyond 20’. It quickly identifies strengths/weakness and solutions.
  8. I’d caution you to not get too ensnared with distance/low spin and launch. At your CHS, the 3 wood is more about control on a tight drive or something you can hit into the green on a par 5.
  9. If you know anyone at your state golf association, they probably know already and might be willing to give you a heads up.
  10. So, on the downswing should the feel be more one of the arms moving down and across the body?
  11. I’ve had the GF for 6 months now and still find it helpful- mostly in managing my footwork. It helps me focus on moving my pressure efficiently which takes care of a lot of other issues. It’s also great for feeling width on the b/s, but I also like it for feeling width on the d/s. My use has been with the green band making slow motion swings. I didn’t think much of the hitting balls with the yellow bands,
  12. Put and keep your weight more on your heels. Balance and stability are really important in putting too.
  13. My big contention with puring is that the shaft doesn’t flex in one direction. Using the address position as a reference point, on the downswing the shaft will flex toward the target, but also flex “heel down” which puring doesn’t seem to address.
  14. Does anyone know when the online lottery started? I’ve been striking out since the paper applications. They said the odds back then were 4-1, but who knows what they have gotten to with the online system.
  15. Who was the architect TW worked with?
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