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  1. PayPal e-check are payments funded by a checking account at a bank. Think of it as someone wrote you a paper check and it will take 5-10 days to clear and the funds become available in your account. Any item purchased with an e-check should not be shipped until the e-check clears. Paypal credit card funded payments is money in hand for the seller. When the buyer sends paypal funded by credit card, the funds are withdrawn IMMEDIATELY from the credit card and transferred to the sellers paypal account where they can either spend it or transfer the monies to their bank account.
  2. I just got updated by my seller. The USPS closed a package research case stating they couldn't locate the package and suggested he file an insurance claim because they will look harder since they don't want to pay a claim. I let the seller know I was going to file an item not received, which I did and he responded he understands and will refund me if the package doesn't arrive by Monday which is the amount of time ebay gives him to respond to my claim. Kudos to the seller.
  3. Update on my package that was shipped May 3. The package tracking got updated on May 16 that it arrived at the Nashville Hub and left the Nashville Hub all in 22 minutes. No tracking updates from there. I told the seller I would be patient and that I hope it gets delivered by 5/21 as I'm headed back north and my mail forwarding starts then. I believe a "Item not received" has to be opened on ebay within 20 days of the estimated delivery date which is soon approaching. Seller has been in constant contact and stated he understands that I will file the item not recei
  4. My favorite was J Lo's gum for $10K. Seller had a good write up on how he was walking behind J LO when she spit the gum out and he grabbed it.
  5. With the recent thread on refunds and paypal keeping fees on refunds, How long will it take for a seller who posts his paypal address in his classified ad and states first to pay get it and then 5 people send funds. Just thinking out loud........
  6. Yes. My order came in a large USPS Tube with a Priority Mail label. The only time I get a shipment from golfworks via fedex is when I ordered epoxy. Order summary said "NO USPS" because of the chemicals.
  7. Purchased a set of irons on ebay that was shipped USPS Priority Mail on 5/3 and was supposed to be delivered 5/7 . Seller was 7 Hours away if I drove. No tracking update after it left the original post office. I contacted seller to let him know I hadn't received package. He was watching tracking also and opened a package research case which we haven't heard anything. I'm looking at the product information on usps and am hoping for his sake he purchased other insurance as it states only insurance up to $50. The irons were over $750 and he didn't include signature confirmaiton delivery either
  8. Greetings and Salutations. I'm listing a set of Srixon SX4 irons and a PXG Proto 19 Hybrid for sale. Payment is Paypal to a confirmed address. I will be shipping Fedex Home/Ground insured. I ship next business day and will send you the trackiing number when I generate the label. Not looking for any trades. Sorry, CONUS only. 1. Srixon ZX4 Irons, 7 iron set, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, P, A. UST Mamiya Smacwrap Recoil ES 760 F3 Regular Flex shafts. Standard Length (as measured by Srixon Standards) but I measured the 7 iron at 37 1/4 inches. I measured from sole of club, Srixon supposedly measu
  9. I've purchased many a club within the past few months but all of the boxes arrived damaged to the point where I wouldn't use them again. I've had a few that were literally crushed but was lucky that the contents arrived intact. I ended up buying 15 double wall 275lb 48 x 6 x 6 boxes from uline that cost me $98 delivered ($28 for shipping). These boxes are hard to form a box but are worth it to me because I want the box to survive shipping. I only ship Fedex and have learned that the 48 x 6 x6 boxes are actually about 48 1/4 inches long. Anything over 48 inches in length gets rounded up and h
  10. This is the way I look at it. If it's a "Buy it Now" auction with "Best Offer", "Best Offer" means less than the listed price. If it's a standard auction with "Best Offer", "Best Offer" means you better offer me more than my starting price or I'm going to let the auction run. This is for sellers with items that wouldn't sell in an auction listing with a "Buy it Now" because they have to list the "Buy it Now" at 30% above the starting price and in most cases, it's more than a buyer would spend.
  11. I was on the kbs website a few days ago and checked out the retrofit option. I agree that finding the pricing wasn't straightforward but I found their two options, $15 per club for just installing the shaft, standard ferrule, what they call "plug and play." Then $30 per club for a tour build which includes flowing and swingweighting. Then it's $6-$20 per grip on top of that. I thought your KBS, why offer "plug and play" at all. Don't do it right and people will say the shafts didn't work for me. Yes, I've also emailed customer service for labels and received them wi
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