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  1. Greetings and Salutations!!! I'm offering the items below for sale. I have over50 feedbacks (all positive) from the original feedback system. I accept Paypal to a confirmed address. I ship next business day and will PM tracking information to you when I generate the label. I'll answer all your questions. 1. PXG GEN1 0311XF 6-G (6 Irons), Aerotech Steelfiber i70 A Flex, Standard Length, 2 Degrees Flat, recently installed Winn Dritac grips. I purchased these when they were on special while I was recovering from knee replacement. They have about 15 rounds on them and are
  2. I ordered a set of SGI's on 8/29 (a Saturday) and they shipped on 9/3 and Fedex tracking states the package is in their hands to be delivered on 9/10.
  3. I ordered another set of SGI's on 8/29. I received an email today that my irons have shipped (9/3).
  4. Greetings and Salutations, I offer the following items below for sale. Payment via PayPal to a confirmed address. I ship Fedex Home/Ground and ship next business day. I will PM the tracking number once I generate a label. Please ask questions if you have them. 1. PXG 0311 SGI GEN2 Irons. Set includes 6 irons (6,7,8,9,W,S). Mitsubishi MMT 70 Regular Flex Shafts, Standard Size PXG Lamkin Grips. I used my Golfworks Swingweight scale, the 6 iron was D1 and the Wedge was D1.5. I purchased these from PXG as standard length and lie. One range session and one round.
  5. I have a set of the SGI's with NS PRO 950's, as well as a set of GEN1 XF's. I could honestly play either but I have the SGI's in the bag. The size doesn't bother me. My index is 13.5 but I'm shooting high 90's at the moment due to just getting back playing after a second knee replacement in March. I haven't played regularly since September 2018 when I had the same knee replaced. I like the fact that I can feel when I've hit a solid shot or not and when I don't, I don't loose that much. The only thing I've done is replaced the gap wedge with a vokey.
  6. Site seems faster and the conversion back to the old software has brought my interest level up a ton.
  7. Sinply put, If he has ethics, he keeps the clubs. If he doesn't, he tries to sell them without disclosure. I've seen auctions on ebay where they clearly state they are fake. I would call that having ethics.
  8. If I cancelled a transation that resulted in the buyer losing $25 or $250, I would gift them the money to make them whole. I would expect the same if the roles were reversed.
  9. I guess the Hammer was real since we are on page 3 and it hasn't been mentioned.
  10. You've given them multiple chances to address your issue. Time to move up a level. Call your credit card company and file a dispute. I guarantee 2nd Swing will talk to them and try to resolve the issue.
  11. Greetings and Salutations! I offer for sale a set of right handed PXG 0211 irons. PXG installed Aerotech Steelfiber i95 Regular flex shafts. The set includes 7 irons: 5,6,7,8,9,W,G. Set is standard length, loft and lie. Grips are Lampkin Z5 Midsize. I put these on my economy Golfworks swingweight scale. The G was D2, The P was D1 and the rest were D0. Irons were purchased from PXG. Condition is lightly used. Pictures are of the irons that I am selling (first face picture is 5 iron working down to G). AskingSOLD $540shipped CONUS. I ship via Fedex Home/Ground the next business day and PM trac
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