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  1. Did you hit the sim 2 and sim 2 max hybrids? Liking the look of the sim hybrid not max and curious how forgiveness was with it being a smaller head?
  2. Do we know if sim2 is using same adapter sleeve as m series and original sim?
  3. Wasnt that the point he was making with the cost being 800 bucks doing so....
  4. Anyone have any information as to why the myspider x is no longer an option on the TM website?
  5. Where do you find that black nike shirt that Day has on today
  6. What black shirt does Jason day have on today at the farmers
  7. Now I know you’re crazy, because nothing feels harsh with a chrome soft. Next you’ll say you hit a marshmallow with a glide 2.0 and it felt like a rock. I’m just trying to understand how a golf club can feel “clumsy”. Wtf
  8. Wtf. Yes reply 12 years later
  9. Guy just had major surgery. Like to see your swing after they solder some of your vertabrae together. Jeeez. Tough crowd ; ) i think he is referencing to Tiger saying he was only doing easy smooth swings just a couple days ago on instagram
  10. No chance But I would still take the bet if I were u just because of the odds. Haha
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