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  1. looking for either. open to a S or X shaft, depending on profile. thanks
  2. I have one single Greyson shirt, (Katonah Sport) size XXL. I bought an XL and XXL to figure out my sizing, ended up with the XL. Tried to show measurements for reference, but much to my surprise, they DO NOT fit small - I assumed they'd be more like RLX. Color is a royal blue (they call it beluga) and the collar is NOT white. It is more of a pinkish shade. Tags still on. $30
  3. i'd go something not golf specific but golf tangential, like a tervis customized tumbler, or a high quality umbrella. lots of people need one, most don't buy - but people will use them. not sure about others - i am likely in the minority, but a towel, ball marker, etc etc are equivalent to a coozie to me. just going in the "storage" bin when i get home. i have plenty of those already. now if this is a HUGE well known event, that might be different i suppose.
  4. most of us have been to the dells multiple times and have played wild rock and trappers a good deal, so we'll be staying (and playing) east of there.
  5. nice thread. iowa guy here planning a week of golf and ryder cup in 2021. as is, we will 99% be staying in Oconomowoc or Lake Geneva, as we can get free lodging there. it will be a buddies/guys trip with golf 2-3 days and ryder cup 1-2 days. if we are staying in the general milwaukee vicinity, what are suggestions for: 1. a high end higher $ course, if there is one worth it (erin hills?) 2. whatever "can't miss" courses we need to see. sounds like brown deer is popular? 3. any lower cost options that are great values? i see something like this. golf 3
  6. I just never felt comfortable with the M3. I had an SLDR for years and years (HL) and couldn't get use to the M3 head size. Just not my personal preference. I moved to a SIM 5 wood - so not an apples to apples comparison. Still hanging onto my SLDR as well - I am not much of a fairway guy though - maybe use it 1-2 times per round, tops, and prefer it to be closer to 0.
  7. 2 items. Both prices include shipping, and are OBO. 1. Nike TW13 size 12. Bought these used. Wore them to the practice area ONCE. They're too small (tight). Hopefully pics show condition well. This is the first pair of used shoes I've ever purchased - was hoping they'd fit. If they weren't too small no way would I sell them. Probably need spikes replaced shortly full disclosure. SOLD 2. Taylor Made M3 17* HL fairway, head only. No marks no scratches. Will include headcover. I simply moved to the Sim. SOLD Paypal is [email protected]
  8. anybody else been unable to open most of their webpages today?
  9. Thanks for the response Valtiel. I have been playing the JPX 850 Forged for several years, 4-PW. I kinda figured I'd need to go a bit away from what I'm use to (shaft wise) but also had contemplated moving to something a bit higher launching from a club head as well - like the SIM DHY. Either way, just looking for ideas - thanks again.
  10. So I am searching for the elusive shaft/head combo for my P790 3i. I have X100 in 4-LW and have no problems getting desired height in the 4 and 5. I have a P790 2i with Tour Issue X100 hard stepped that I play off the tee on windy days. It stays WAY low but gives me ball speeds necessary to achieve the distance I need. In my Sim Max I have a Hzrdus Smoke Green 7X that probably flies too high but distance is still good (haven't bothered to search for a change and spend more money.) I have played, and really liked, the Tour Spec 7X, in my previous driver. Currently my P790 3i is shafted wi
  11. I've used Priority Mail for years as well and have honestly never been annoyed or frustrated. I did buy a club recently and it left Ohio on July 6th, got to me in Iowa on July 15th. The next item I bought for my son took 5-6 days to travel from Utah to Iowa. Not sure whether I'm the "one off" or the new normal.
  12. sounds like every spring baseball game i ever played.
  13. appears expectations were pretty lofty for an event put together this quickly with limited staff and 4 golfers. was nice to see some live golf and a bit more "free" golf play. for some reason the stuff that might typically have me complaining didn't matter much today. lucky to have this right now........
  14. 3 items for sale. All items OBO and include USPS priority shipping. Bettinardi Steelers putter cover. Have owned this for awhile. Bought it here, never been to the course. Was used when I got it, no signs of damage to my eyes. Just have no use for it (mallet putter) and figured someone else should enjoy. I'm not a collector so have no idea what these "should" sell for, so we'll say SOLDBettinardi Phillies putter cover. Same with this head cover - I've owned awhile, originally purchased here as well. This one I have used, albeit sparingly, and shows more signs of wear - primarily in
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