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  1. These have been sitting in my closet for way too long. Neither has ever been worn. Original owner of both shirts. Polo bought by me at Hazeltine. $25 shipped for the two. Please don't offer $20 lol, I'll just give them to the local Stuff if nobody wants them. I realize it's an OLD shirt - figured I would see if anyone wanted before basically discarding.
  2. been tempted to try a couple of their shoes, but never able to try anything on before buying. i wore size 12 shoes in all major brands for years, until i got older (smarter) and discovered 11 wide - which seem to fit perfectly. so the conundrum is which size in true's?
  3. 2 driving irons for sale today, neither worked for me. Only trade interests would be Mizuno T22 wedges (50/54) or Sim2 Max head. 1. Sim UDI 2 iron with Ventus Velocore 9X. This was built by my local club guy, and should be 1/2" over standard length, with a like new NDMC grip, +1 wrap. I bought the shaft brand new, and the head was used. Does NOT have a matching headcover, but will be shipped in one. sold. 2. Callaway X Forged UT, 21*, with Tour AD DI 95X. This should also be +1/2" over standard. Has a fairly new lime green Iomic Sticky grip, +1 wrap. Will be shipped in a protective cover, but it will NOT be Callaway brand. This club was purchased used by me, and I am fairly certain it has a 1/2" extension as well - but my driving iron experiment has been so lengthy I have lost track of it to be 100% certain anymore. $185 OBO.
  4. One item for sale. Taylor Made P790 2 iron with Tour Issue X100 shaft, red Iomic Sticky grip. If you have the swing speed this baby hits low penetrating missiles - I just don't golf enough to get the use out of it to justify keeping it in the bag as my "15th" club. Trade interests are Sim or Sim2 TI 5 wood - would work out cash/club trade. Otherwise SOLD
  5. it's pretty easy to take a guy if he's not liked by the opposition, but liked/trusted by his own guys. most every great team has at least one guy (poulter) who fits the "if hes your teammate you love him and if he's your opponent you absolutely hate his guts. the problem for reed is that he speaks his mind against everyone, teammates included. him winning a couple points doesn't override that fact. once he stepped over that line, it became pretty obvious they would be looking for opportunities to exclude him. he had a "sidekick" or "partner," and once that guy voiced his displeasure, or didn't publicly support him, it snow balled from there. he's an absolute team culture cancer.
  6. 1. Mizuno MP-32 iron heads. I hope pictures below show condition well enough - but I would be happy to send more if needed. I do not pretend to have any knowledge as to how to "rate" these, condition wise - they are exactly how they were when I purchased them on the BST about 4-5 years ago. Had planned to turn them into a project, but after sitting in a box in the garage this entire time, they need to be moved on to someone else. Let's say $185 OBO. 2. Taylor Made M5 3 wood (15*) head only. Will include headcover. $125 OBO.
  7. So I had money burning a hole in my pocket and decided the best way to cure what ailed me was to head to the local golf store. Couple hours later I walked away with this, in my quest to find a "better" driving iron. Like new condition. Hit 8-10 balls on the range, and probably 5-6 shots during a round. 100% bone stock as is off the rack - 20* 3 iron with Recoil S Flex. Will ship USPS, which is included in price. Trade interests would be Titleist U500, TSi2 4 wood, Sim2 Ti 5 wood, or Sim Ti 5 wood. Would add cash if needed. $170.
  8. I have one single Greyson shirt, (Katonah Sport) size XXL. I bought an XL and XXL to figure out my sizing, ended up with the XL. Tried to show measurements for reference, but much to my surprise, they DO NOT fit small - I assumed they'd be more like RLX. Color is a royal blue (they call it beluga) and the collar is NOT white. It is more of a pinkish shade. Tags still on. $30
  9. i'd go something not golf specific but golf tangential, like a tervis customized tumbler, or a high quality umbrella. lots of people need one, most don't buy - but people will use them. not sure about others - i am likely in the minority, but a towel, ball marker, etc etc are equivalent to a coozie to me. just going in the "storage" bin when i get home. i have plenty of those already. now if this is a HUGE well known event, that might be different i suppose.
  10. most of us have been to the dells multiple times and have played wild rock and trappers a good deal, so we'll be staying (and playing) east of there.
  11. nice thread. iowa guy here planning a week of golf and ryder cup in 2021. as is, we will 99% be staying in Oconomowoc or Lake Geneva, as we can get free lodging there. it will be a buddies/guys trip with golf 2-3 days and ryder cup 1-2 days. if we are staying in the general milwaukee vicinity, what are suggestions for: 1. a high end higher $ course, if there is one worth it (erin hills?) 2. whatever "can't miss" courses we need to see. sounds like brown deer is popular? 3. any lower cost options that are great values? i see something like this. golf 36 tuesday. ryder cup practice rounds wednesday. golf 18 (some will do 36) thursday. friday ryder cup both sessions. saturday golf. thanks for any and all input - i'll go back through the thread, and keep an eye out here. just starting the planning phase.
  12. I just never felt comfortable with the M3. I had an SLDR for years and years (HL) and couldn't get use to the M3 head size. Just not my personal preference. I moved to a SIM 5 wood - so not an apples to apples comparison. Still hanging onto my SLDR as well - I am not much of a fairway guy though - maybe use it 1-2 times per round, tops, and prefer it to be closer to 0.
  13. 2 items. Both prices include shipping, and are OBO. 1. Nike TW13 size 12. Bought these used. Wore them to the practice area ONCE. They're too small (tight). Hopefully pics show condition well. This is the first pair of used shoes I've ever purchased - was hoping they'd fit. If they weren't too small no way would I sell them. Probably need spikes replaced shortly full disclosure. SOLD 2. Taylor Made M3 17* HL fairway, head only. No marks no scratches. Will include headcover. I simply moved to the Sim. SOLD Paypal is [email protected] Will ship both USPS Priority.
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