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  1. In case you were curious...Falcon Dunes, Grayhawk Talon and Aguila (which I believe are 3 of the only courses you thought were worth another play) are all Gary Panks designs. DUde knows how to make a fun golf course.
  2. Club West still exists? I thought it was all dirt now?
  3. You fully encapsulated how I feel about Papago.
  4. Welcome back to the game! Go get em.
  5. Poor Andy, debasing himself by associating with that place. I am glad he has been as successful as he is. Great instructor.
  6. No idea on current conditions but both courses at Whirlwind are solid and fun. Nothing to go out of your way for imo, but a good option if the price is right.
  7. I love the layout of GCU maryvale. If it is is good shape it is my number 2 value course behind aguila. Glad you had a good day.
  8. I think this is a brilliant troll.. like he has created a list of the courses we regularly hate on and is playing them in order... Next stop is clearly Pointe South Mountain Phantom Horse AZ Grand or whatever it is called now.
  9. "Great"... Quite a stretch. I find it extremely hard to justify that statement when aguila costs the same amount. I am happy Encanto exists and with the improved conditioning the last few years it is perfectly fine for a quick simple round, but let's face it that is the exact same thing I would say about Palo Verde
  10. I feel like you are running some sort of "Tour of the Worst courses in the valley" anti prize over the last week. I do agree that Encanto is in much better shape than it used to be (I live right next to it)
  11. > @jatrain said: > Encanto today, just finished 17,18 in the rain. Greens were very good, pretty quick. Bunkers were the best I’ve ever seen there. Fairways were a little shaggy and had clumps of grass clippings all over them. Like it was the first time cutting after letting them grow tall after overseed. Didn’t affect playability other than rollout. > > Good pace and nice seeing Encanto, Cave Creek and Aguila all have functioning grills again. Had a good burger for lunch. The city of Phoenix has really upped their game on the quality and experience at their courses. I h
  12. > @DrSchteeve said: > > @Rohlio said: > > The plan for Wick Ranch has always been to be private once they have enough resident members to financially support it. > > That's also the plan for Verde River Golf and Social. Probably a few years for both would be my guess. Even in a burgeoning housing market, how many people want to live in Wickenburg? And in Rio Verde there are several other choices. > > Then again, the original plan for Quintero was private. May be a few decades before that happens. And Southern Dunes was originally private. That didn't work so
  13. The plan for Wick Ranch has always been to be private once they have enough resident members to financially support it.
  14. > @capking said: > Fair enough, never been. Where I live the city courses are actually pretty good. Scottsdale has no interest in creating or maintaining a quality of life for those with less than 7 figure finances...Away you Hoi Poloi! ;) best Muni's in the valley belong to City of Phoenix imo, Papago and Aguila (and depending on condition Maryvale/GCU) are all solid values, but a trek from Scottsdale, except for Papago.
  15. > @capking said: > > @fore_life said: > > Wild horses couldn’t keep me away from dunes. > > It’s worth drive? Doesn’t seem too expensive for a good course. I think it’s 75 minutes from where we are staying in January My favorite track in AZ.
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