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  1. I'm looking for a ventus blue velocore hybrid 8S shaft for a 3 hybrid, preferably with a ping adapter for G410/G425.
  2. HZRDUS Blue Smoke RDX shaft. 60 grams, 6.0 flex. Has Taylormade adapter. The shaft came with a new Sim2 driver and was used for approximately 1 month. Shaft length is 44.75" and will play at 45.75" in a Taylormade driver head. $sold shipped.
  3. You should check out @jamesohgolf on instagram. I took a lesson with James recently and he's really helped my short game. He works with a lot of pros and he posts a lot of great content on instagram. Some of his instruction is very different from "conventional" teaching, but it works.
  4. Used Ventus black velocore 6S shaft with Ping G410/425 tip. The shaft is in excellent condition. It measures 44 3/8" from the end of the grip to the end of the adapter. Shaft has not been tipped. The shaft has however been butt-extended approximately 1 inch. Has new Golf Pride Tour Velvet grip installed. SOLD.
  5. Tour Striker Planemate Training Aid - SOLD. The training aid is used but in great shape and comes will all bands and 1 club attachment. Thanks for looking.
  6. Plastic zero friction 3 prong tees. I can use one tee for 6 months as long as I don't lose it. We have free wooden tees at my club, but then I won't be getting the "guaranteed" 4 extra yards that I get with the 3 prong ones=)
  7. I bought the G425 max because I read that the club was draw biased. So far, I haven't found that to be the case. I set the weight in the "draw" position and changed the setting to the small "+" setting. That has helped me to draw the ball more with this club. I am struggling a bit with the club because the clubhead is on the heavy side and I am not using a counterbalanced shaft and so swingweight is D6 to D7. I may have to get a lighter backweight to bring swingweight down.
  8. Good video. This is something that I've been working on. I'm trying to feel as if my club starts moving sooner and quicker in the downswing. I notice that if I don't do this, my body takes over and my arms/club get left behind and my sequencing is all off. When I start the club moving sooner, I feel synced up as if my body is simply reacting to the swing of the club.
  9. That's terrible. After reading this thread, I noticed the same thing on my driver. It sucks that we either have to get the shaft extended or play it shorter once the grip has to be replaced. If I had known, I would have ordered my driver +1/2 in length to account for this.
  10. I'm still using the Taylormade Rescue hybrids from 2009. I've tried just about every hybrid on the market, but I still keep coming back to these hybrids. The headcovers are so old, they're falling apart. Haha.
  11. Wow. Looks pretty awesome. Some of those features are ones I've never seen before in a rangefinder. I'd definitely be interested in this.
  12. I just got the sticks and radar about two weeks ago. I was fitted for a driver and was shocked at how slow my swing speed had become with the driver. After two weeks on the intro protocol, my swing speed is improving just about each session for each of the movements. I know that this can't continue forever and that I'll plateau at some point. I do think there is validity in teaching your body to swing fast. I also think that it has helped me with my sequencing. When I have poor sequencing, I can see the drop in swing speed immediately. I plan to continue on for a few months and see what
  13. I've been switching back and forth between white and yellow balls for the past few years. I've played both colors of Srixon Z star, TP5 and Prov1s. I haven't noticed any difference in how they play. I like the yellow balls because it's easier to identify which ball is yours. However, it seems that more and more of the guys I play with are going with the yellow balls now.
  14. I just put a Ventus Black shaft in my 9* max head. Playing length is 45.75" with a golf pride MCC grip on it. The swing weight came out to be D8. I think that I'm going to purchase a lighter back weight to get the swingweight back down to D4 or D5.
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