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  1. That's very cool Stu. Looks like you made a new friend. I still wish it was possible to have a Grille meet up. I bet it would be a blast.
  2. Wow 64 is crazy good! I have scored 70 on a par 72 course 3 or 4 times. I still hold out hope to get one in the 60's Turn 69 in May so that would be shooting my age. I will be bragging if I ever pull that off!
  3. I like it! Nice high hands finish. I think that upright motion like Watson or Hale Erwin and now Justin Thomas may make a comeback.
  4. Whatever you call it, it doesn't get better than this from the Paia Fish Market in Lahaina, Maui. Over taters and slaw.
  5. What a mauling by the Bears! Sad to see the Zags go undefeated to the final and come up short.
  6. An absolute mauling by the Bears.
  7. It was featured I think in 2014 on an Elkington TV show called "The Rural Golfer" on the RFD network. He traveled around the country to various out of the way muni golf places. I thought it was entertaining.
  8. Yes what good play by the Ladies today! Amazing round by Ko. Fun to watch Patty T get the win. How many 5'5" men can hit it 300+? Even more impressed by how good she is all around. So balanced and in control. Spins the ball next to the hole for tap in bird. Almost holes a tough short sided chip from the rough. Almost holes another chip. So solid. LPGA......these gals are good!
  9. A guy could prolly live in this one: https://news.yahoo.com/video/pro-golfers-enormous-2-story-184801839.html
  10. Taken on top of Sentinel Dome, just above Glacier Point. I noticed your avi too. My SIL is an A's fan or as I say, an athletic supporter. I try not to call him a jock strap.
  11. Too much driver spin seems to be more of a problem for higher swing speeds. Last time I hit at a place with an analyzer they said I needed a little more driver spin and recommended a higher spin ball and more loft. I was maxing out at about 90mph then. I'm guessing my normal driver speed is 85. PS. The new G410 + 10.5 is flying nicely.
  12. Nice project! You will enjoy that. My BIL is doing a similar build on a Ford ambulance van. He is taking his time and doing it right. That's a lot of work! We retired and picked up a lightly used 2014 Leisure Travel Sprinter Cl B RV. It is a very nice travel van but pretty tight for more than a week or two. Easy to drive and park but no slide outs. The tank capacity is pretty limited so we have rarely used the shower unless at full hook up. I also wish it had more ground clearance. It is not good off road. We did a 2 week Grand Circle tour of the Parks in Utah and Arizona and a week lon
  13. What a game! Buzzer Beater. Hats off to UCLA for giving the Zags ALL they could handle. Go Zags.
  14. So glad to see Spring this year. I struggled this winter with my game. I think the combination of cold and heavy clothing and not enough warm up. My last two rounds were in the 70's. 72 deg. F and 75 deg. F. Now if I can put together two nines I will get some in the 70's for sure.
  15. Wow game Zags! Hats off to UCLA. Gave them all they could handle. What a game!
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