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  1. Has anyone returned theirs? I'm feeling like the numbers are iffy, and even if based on alignment, with no way to be 100% sure it just casts doubt into everything.
  2. The GCQuad is ”The official launch monitor for mygolfspam". That's a line that smells of sponsorship so would stand to reason. Likewise it's why the likes of crossfield (also sponsored) don't mention it. Not saying the review is incorrect as I haven't tested myself but why anyone trusts mygolfsponsor on anything is totally beyond me.
  3. FYI, Mine's arriving today from Hot Golf. No email from them only from DPD. Hope you get yours too...
  4. Did you get your order from HotGolf? I ordered release day and they are now saying the have no idea when hey will arrive. Edit: Just saw in another post you too haven't received it.
  5. Sounds more positive - I too have an order at Hot Golf.
  6. For Europe - UK specifically. A lot of shops have updated delivery eta for Sep 20th onwards as well so looks to be true. I am losing faith rapidly in this product.
  7. Garmin are now saying release is not until the last week of September.
  8. Pre-ordered. At the very least being able to play your home course from the comfort of your home is worth the price to me, and being able to play new courses at home before you go there in real life is going to be pretty cool, especially as you can play with your friends if they have one... They will hit it out of the park due to their 42,000 course database.
  9. Does the Vivoactive record golf as an activity - i.e shows the walk and treats it as a walk? This is something the S62 can do but my Fenix can't.
  10. +1 I wish we could just download a file to be honest. I am sure Drive4Dough worked that way IIRC. I am not a fan of being forced to go through a third-party app or website to view content that's been purchased.
  11. Way more detail, more drills, some example lessons and a rather jarring sound before the start of each video ? Seriously, at $18 it's pretty cheap and if it's not what you expected just think of it as a nice way to support Monte for all the FREE content he gives out including the original video.
  12. Release the club early always works for me.
  13. Trying to buy now - to be honest, the website and buying funnel is painful. Monte if you read this, it could be so much better at converting sales! Will try again later.
  14. Over the years I have read of 2 conflicting "feels" for the golf swing. If you imagine you are stood in your address position with a basketball between your hands - the two swings appear to be 1) passing the basketball sideways to someone stood on the target line to your right. 2) passing the basketball to someone behind you just over your right shoulder. I often toy around with both feels and have played good golf with both of them at times, but I wonder which is more 'standard'? OR does anyone have any other feels they can relate a golf swing too? This is very similar to the swing being described as skipping a stone vs throwing an axe into the ball. Essentially 2 completely different motions.
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