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  1. Have a nearly new pair of ecco biom hybrids, white and royal blue, only worn for 9 holes. Size 44 which is US 10-10 1/2. I have only worn these around the house for about 15 minutes then 9 holes on the course, need a different size. These are very comfortable shoes with very soft leather. Wear the same shoes as hall of gamer Freddy Couples! Cant guarantee they will make you a better golfer though. Got these as a gift so no original box, but does include the white laces too. Steal these from me so I can get the right size--$120 shipped/paypal.
  2. Check out Galway bay apparel. They have some really nice stuff, and what is really cool about their pants is they are actual waterproof pants not something you wear over the top of your pants. Much less restrictive that way.
  3. Been gaming the 800 pros for a couple years now, for the very reason as you. Don't get to play as often as I used to anymore, wanted something I could hit a small bucket with and then hit the course with no problem. Played for only the second time of the year last week on a hard course and can't remember hitting a bad iron shot. What I like about them is they are forgiving, but if you have time to practice and play more you can really dial them in. The only thing I would worry about is the pxi 5.0 soft stepped. That would take it down ti a 4.7-4.8 which is pretty loose. Almost a senior flex. O
  4. So are you saying you had a better vantage point from the couch than tiger's caddie, the on course official, and the masters committee who ruled that there was nothing wrong with the drop? Now I feel bad for calling tiger arrogant!
  5. actually tiger should not have been penalized at all. photographic evidence of the drop has proved he was within a foot of the initial shot, well within reason for an appropriate drop. the official and the masters committee both agreed he did nothing wrong. it was only after tiger opened his arrogant mouth and claimed he dropped a couple yards back on purpose to not hit the same shot, that they went back and assessed him a penalty. my original point was not to let players get away with deliberate cheating, but to take away the stupid dq for signing a wrong scorecard.
  6. Sorry if this has already been brought up as I didn't read the entire thread, but after listening the last couple weeks on xm about the tiger drop I can only think of one solution. Everybody talks about tradition and how they don't want to take away the power of the scorecard i.e. disqualification for signing an incorrect one. I say give the scorecard even more power. Once it is signed it is a completed round. No being disqualified, no armchair officials calling in, once it is signed there is no going back. There can be officials in the trailer to make sure the math is correct, like boo weekly
  7. Thanks, hopefully someone will snatch it up before I change my mind!
  8. Going golfing with my nephew in Oregon next month and only thing I need is a new pair of Eccos. Help me out fellow Golfwrxers by buying a couple of my failed experiments. First I have a Taylormade Burner 2.0 tour issued 5 wood tp 18.5* with a real deal Mitsubishi Kai'li shaft in stiff. Club is in great condition with normal wear on black sole, but no idiot marks. club is a bomber, almost as long as my 3 wood which is why I have no gap for it. Looking for $80/ shipped, paypal conus Second is an adams black super hybrid 15* with an aldila voodoo snv8 shaft. Other than the normal brush marks
  9. i play mine with a ust proforce v2 in 65 gram stiff to bring down the ballflight a little. unfortunately i think what you are experiencing is more of a spin issue. the regular burner is a pretty high spin head, so like me you are probably getting a lot of spin which is why it doesnt run out. i switch back and forth between a 07 burner and a r7 425 tp depending on course conditions for that very reason. that 07 burner just seems to kill the ball though!
  10. Greg, will you be out taking pics during the rounds? I will be out Friday at pebble and will be keeping my eyes out for fellow wrxers!
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