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  1. Anyone know of a Saturday morning Stableford scoring mens league in the Venice, FL area?
  2. I'm in! I need some Rocket distance guys! Thank you TaylorMade and Golfwrx!
  3. Tampa areaI just moved to the Tampa area and I'm looking for a Stableford style scoring league. Please help!
  4. Pasco, Hernando, Pinellas county, Tampa areaI just moved to the area and I'm looking for a Stableford style scoring mens league. Please help!
  5. The Diablo forged is the best ever!
  6. I just demoed both and ended up going with the Diablo forged. It was longer for me and the forged was way better feeling. There more expensive but way worth. Best iron I've played yet.
  7. I was hitting the ball like crap yesturday, so I couldn't tell if it was any better then the TM TP F1. Sorry Man.
  8. Yea its the real deal. I got it off the bay. I'll let you know tomarrow evening how it is.
  9. Yea would also like to know I just got mine in the mail this evening. I can't wait till tomarrow.
  10. I don't have an offical HC and I average out in the low 90's also. I've had the A4's since January they have made me work at the game more, which is good. But I just want something more forgiving when I'm having a bad day. I want more distance also.
  11. I think the honeymoon is over. I want something a little more forgiving. I've hit alot of the new clubs, but no one around here has a 701 to hit.
  12. Or feedback on Srixon I-701 ironsJust trying to get some info on Srixon I-701 irons. How they compare to the Adams A4 irons.
  13. Thanks for all the replies. You've all helped me talk my wife into letting me practice at least 2 hours a day, after work. She knows how much I want to get better. She's a great wife.
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