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  1. Thanks for your opinion. Hard to believe that there is no difference in forgiveness for you. Would have thought that the T100 is the least forgiving of the 3 Models. What differences you find between the 3 Sets?
  2. Hey Guys, I want to purchase new Irons and will do a fitting in the next month. I´m a long time AP2 and Srixon (745 +765) Player. The Srixons are too big looking and that's not confidence inspiring for me (grew up with blades). I´m between the new 2021 Titleist T100 S, the Callaway Apex Pro 21 and the Cobra MIM Tour. Anyone hit these Irons against each other and can compare them? What should I expect in distance, forgiveness, and consistency between them? Thanks for your help.
  3. Sorry, but it's not the retailers fault. There are threads around since January about the new Models. And the release circle is always 2 Years with Titleist Irons. And this Year is no exception. The only one to blame for are you personally. Not Titleist and not the Retailer. Just my 2 cents
  4. Yes, exactly that. I don't think it will be 2022. Would be one year from picture (March) to release/availability. Seems very long
  5. Jet Black are the actual ones. The new one seems to be black/white
  6. I saw a picture in an older thread of the new 2021 Titleist Staff Standbag. Are there any updates on this? Will we see it in 2021? Like the white black much better than the all black one with red accents.
  7. Thanks for your answers. Was it the real Tensei Orange PRO with the W Sticker on it?
  8. Hello Guys, I want to purchase the new Ping Hybrids. Here in Germany everything is backordered and fittings seems impossible. So I can't test them. Did someone hit the new Hybrids with these 2 Shafts against each other? Is the Tensei Orange really the "Pro" Version? The Tour85 should be fine in stiff, the Tensei I don't know if the X Flex would be better. Ping listed the Tour85 stiff between the Tensei S and X (Flex wise) on their Chart. Who hit both Shafts and maybe the Tensei in both Flexes and can help me out? And is there a noticeable difference in balance between the Tour85 and the Tensei orange (Counterbalance)? Thank you a lot.
  9. Hey Guys, I have the actual Ping DLX Bag 2019 Version. Anybody knows if there will be a new one for 2021? Thanks
  10. Is there a newer Version of the brushed black one? I ordered two of them and my shafts are not as black as in some reviews or pictures. I found a picture near the release date and you can see that the brushed black is more dark gray. My two shafts are dark gray as well. Can someone post a picture of your brushed black shaft? Thanks
  11. Sound like I have to test all 3, the B X, the B XS and the B RX.
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