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  1. Hey Guys, I have the actual Ping DLX Bag 2019 Version. Anybody knows if there will be a new one for 2021? Thanks
  2. Is there a newer Version of the brushed black one? I ordered two of them and my shafts are not as black as in some reviews or pictures. I found a picture near the release date and you can see that the brushed black is more dark gray. My two shafts are dark gray as well. Can someone post a picture of your brushed black shaft? Thanks
  3. Sound like I have to test all 3, the B X, the B XS and the B RX.
  4. It is a Flightscope XI Plus (not the Tour or X2). Could check vertical Launch as well
  5. Hi Guys, anybody knows the weight of the Bettinardi Deep Etched JUMBO? Can't find it on the Website. The normale Deep Etched is 77gr. and the Jumbo feels super heavy.
  6. I will try it with tape, or powder and see if there is an issue with strike location that causes spin
  7. Thanks for your Input. Yes, the Data is correct. And that are Flightscope Data Parameters. I want a more penetrating Ballflight. It just looks high. I will take it with me on the Range on Sunday and will try to hit different Spots on the Face to see if Spin and Launch changes. Than I can post Numbers for you.
  8. My main preference would be low spin and maybe low launch. I´ve no problems in installing an adapter.
  9. Thanks for you reply. Snell MTB is out. I live in Europe. If I do the Ballfitting on the Website it puts me on the B X or B RX depending what I put in, because of swingspeed. Straight Ball sounds good to me. I like to work the Ball (either draw and fade), but often it is too much on the course. Maybe I try booth.
  10. Hi Guys, I´m searching for a low launch and low spin shaft for my G410 Sft with 10,5 Loft. I love the Ping Tour 65 stiff Shaft in it. Launches high and contact is superb. Best Driver I owned till now. But my Problem is the 10,5 Loft. It is not available in Europe in lower Lofts. My Swingspeed is around 105 mph with Driver. The only Problem I have is that my Spin is too high with 3500rpm and I'm losing Distance because of that. I hit 3-4 degrees up on it. I tried the G410 LST Head in 9 degree, but I'm loosing everything to the right.
  11. Is it correct that the B RX ist softer felling than the B X ? I DON'T like the TP5 X with the firmer feel vs the normal TP5. Putting and chipping feels hard of the face. How do the B X and the B RX compare?
  12. Sorry, forgot to mention that I'm only interested in the 2020 Version of the Bridgestone Balls. But thank you
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