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  1. Have a handful of stuff I need to get off the workbench. Prices are shipped to the lower 48. if you have questions just let me know. 1) Taylormade Spider X Hydroblast flow neck. Ordered 34.5" and TM Superstroke GT 1.0 grip. Used 5 times and in great condition. Only markings I see are on the neck from being in the bag and I tried to get some good pictures of the hosel. Can provide further pictures if requested. Headcover is new. $OLD 2) Nippon Modus 130x 4-pw. Pulled from a set of TCB heads and are gripped with z-cord grips. 5-iron shaft measures 36 7/8" from tip to grip cap. Logos are all in perfect condition and the grips only saw a handful of rounds. Excellent condition. $150/obo 3) HZRDUS Smoke 6.5 80g hybrid shaft. Titleist adapter. Measures 40.5". $70/obo 4) Vokey SM7 Wedgeworks set raw and custom grinds. 50F shafted with Nippon Modus 120x no custom grind. 54F with Nippon Modus 120x ordered with trailing and heel relief. 58D with Onyx Tour Issue S400 ordered with smooth grind lines and tour grind. Head was bent to 59 and had additional grind work done to enhance trailing relief along with toe and heel relief. Adjustments made to keep D5 SW. Grip on the LW is a Gripmaster perforated Vokey grip. $275/obo
  2. Have a set of TCB raw irons 4-pw I need to move. Had a bunch of strings pulled for me and they came from the tour department but I am just not playing enough to justify them. They were used during June and have maybe 8 rounds. Picture is fresh out of the wash bucket so the orange does wipe off and just a darker rust remains. if you want specific pictures just let me know. Can be bent to any specs you want but are currently standard l/l/l. Shafts are Modus 130x and grips are Golf Pride Z-cord. Looking for SOLD and would love to get them boxed out and off to someone this week. Please let me know if you have any questions!
  3. Also have a 7-x and did not feel it was unmanageable at the longer length. Performance was superb and debated on cutting it down to play 45” but figured someone out there would enjoy trying it at 47”.
  4. Just too much stuff sitting on the bench and think I finally found the setup. Will sell separate or as combo of head and shaft if you want to pair anything up. All prices are shipped/insured and if I am off on price let’s talk. 1) Callaway Epic Speed Triple Diamond LS 9.0. Used a few times and as you can see basically looks new. Head weight with a 6 and 5 in it is 195g. Will include a set of weights so you can pair it up with whatever length shaft you want. Toyed with a bunch of these combos and certainly a few winners including the 6-tx at 47”. Headcover will be included as well. Actual loft is 8.7. Looking for SOLD. 2) Ventus Black 6-tx $OLD 3) Mitsubishi Tensei 1k 50TX SOLD
  5. Just have a few things for sale today. All prices are shipped 1) Callaway Mavrik Triple Diamond 9.0 $old 2) Vokey SM8 raw 46 $old 3) Toulon Las Vegas $old 4) Tensei Raw White 75tx 2.0 Prototype untipped. Shaft measures 43.5 and is in perfect condition. Just have too many shafts right now and need to sell off some. $old 5) MMT 60-s $old
  6. I am looking to move on from a few things that are collecting space. All prices are shipped and if you have questions or offers if my price is off do not hesitate to ask. 1) SIM - SOLD 2) Rogue White 130msi 60tx $OLD 3) Dynamic Gold tour issue s400 shafts. SOLD 4) KBS Tour 120s. These were used for one season. 3-pw and -1/2". Grips are Lamkin Crossline Black and do have some life left in them. $125 5) Tour Issue Taylormade Superfast 282 9.5 with a proto 80g Diamana Ahina. Head is in outstanding condition and has been sitting in a backup bag for quite some time. Shaft is a Proto Diamana ahina 80g and I have a picture of the but sticker. Combo is still unreal but seeing I never put it into play its time for it to go. $250 6) Scotty Cameron Phantom X5.5. SOLD
  7. Just looking to move on from a purchase that is not going to make the cut. Have for sale a Tensei Raw AV Orange 65TX untipped measuring 44.25" from Lamkin Crossline Black grip cap to end of the TM adapter. Shaft is in excellent condition as it only saw one range session. Too many shaft choices right now and need to stick with what is working. Would like to try to recoup some of what I have into it. Looking for and will ship USPS Priority unless another method is requested.
  8. Just looking to move on from a handful of stuff that I have laying around here right now. Let me know if you have questions and prices are shipped to the lower 48 states. Tour issue KuroKage 60XTS SOLD.Vokey SM7 56F in tour satin. Grooves still have a lot of life and only saw a handful of rounds. Tour issue S400 shaft and Lamkin Crossline black grip. $65/oboVokey Wedgeworks 58K SOLDVokey Wedgeworks 60V SOLDTitleist T100 4-iron. SOLDSrixon Z745 9.5* Prototype head. Head is in good condition and head cover is included. $50/obo
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