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  1. I have a 2010 Studio Select Fastback 1.5 34" with Cameron Cord grip. 'm looking to move it on. Cash only. No trades. Great for anyone wanting a fastback but with a flow neck instead of a short slant. (Gunk on shaft is just from old stickers that I never bothered to clean off when I bought it). 220 Shipped and Paypalled CONUS SOLD
  2. Just so everyone knows it is indeed an M6, here's another picture I just grabbed (sorry for dark closet pic).
  3. Typo. Thanks for catching! Was only half paying attention while trying to make sure new puppy didn't chew things.
  4. I saw several different answers to this on here when searching. Anyone know the tip diameter I need for a 2010 Studio Select Fastback 1.5 shaft? Is it a .395 over the hosel?
  5. For sale is a 10.5º M6 head that I've hit a handful of times. It just doesn't do it for me. Looking for 180 shipped CONUS OBO. SOLD Shipping (or local) in the Austin, TX area
  6. Anyone use the o-works or stroke labs without the weights in the heads? Really like some of the designs, but I like a 330-335g head, and they're all around 360-365. Without the weights they'd be perfect. Anyone use one with like plastic plugs instead of the weights? How'd it perform?
  7. Already on the website for preorder: https://www.odysseygolf.com/families/stroke-lab-triple-track/ and https://www.odysseygolf.com/families/stroke-lab-black/
  8. Thanks. Was curious if anyone had seen in store. Only ones I've seen are pics from the tour. Anyone whose store has these seen it and confirmed it's available retail?
  9. I haven't seen the "flowback 5.5" mentioned, just a fastback. Is a flowback coming or was that just a mistake?
  10. Oh man the flowback 5.5 looks great. I love that Scotty is one of the few makers around that you can still get the weight down on a putter. I don't like anything heavier than 335-340g and most mallets out there are in the 355-360 range. Another pic from insta of the 5.5
  11. RSI UDI TP 23* is 39" with an Altus HQ3 X Taylormade TP MC 5-9 with VS Proto 85 X (37 7/8" 5 iron) Sharpro Dual Compound grips. Standard lofts and lies. (Can remove the skull stickers if you'd like before sending.) These have all been played less than 10 rounds. Unfortunately, over the last handful of years, I haven't been able to play much. So I'm moving to something more forgiving and less stiff. Would prefer to keep it all together. Great way for someone who uses a standalone PW to try graphite irons. 250 OBO shipped and paypalled.
  12. To put this out there since I've been asked - No Trades - cash or I'll just keep it. Reasonable offers. I may be compelled to sell for an offer somewhere near my list price but I'm not in any need to sell this for 50-75% of the list price.
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