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  1. Atlanta, Georgia Handicap: 8 Current irons: Epon AF Tour CB Right handed I keenly want to review the Takomo 201 irons: - To support Golfwrx - To be a solid, strong member - Eager to learn more about equipment - I've heard exciting things about Tacomo Golf - Am a big fan of clubs from outside the US - It would be fun Yes, I agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos. Thanks so much for being considered, Lawson
  2. For you guys that don't like the cosmetics, that what one or two small pieces of lead tape are for.
  3. Great looking bag. Love all that room for the 14 clubs, not crammed in like with most stand/carry bags.
  4. I've been playing the AF Tour CB's for nine or 10 months, the best clubs I've ever played. Truly combination of forgiveness and feel. Wedges, I go back and forth between my Endo Tour forged and Miura "Y" grind wedges. In reverse order, irons I've gamed (some good ones, for sure) Mizuno MP 25 Mizuno TN 87 Mizuno MP 29 Wilson Staff custom Hogan Apex ('73-79 brushed back) Wilson Staff "bullet back" (1969) Titleist (tungsten insert) Spalding Executive
  5. Epon, AF Tour CB, using them now. Love them.
  6. I agree, they look "right." I think that, in addition to specific elements when evaluating anything, you have a "gut feel" based on the overall look. (Whether judging golf clubs or art or antiques). These look right, especially the shine of the clubs.
  7. Just curious....good feel + some forgiveness? https://miuragolf.com/products/cb-301 Thanks.
  8. Hit 10,000 balls at the range following a lesson, working on the one main takeaway your teacher told you to work on. Might take a month. Fix that flaw, ingrain the corrected move, then go back for the next lesson. Multiple teaching pro's have done that with me.
  9. Maybe the golf gods are telling you that you need to forward press. In all seriousness, do you do a forward press on your full shots? If so, then it helps you have commonality between your full shots and putts. Then do it on chip shots too. Just a thought.
  10. New wedge: 58 degree Miura wedge, 12 degrees of bounce. (Current 60 has 11 degrees+ heel relief and a thinner sole. So I'm (purposefully) moving to a club with more bounce, force me to use bounce properly (for the first time). Any advice? I'm a pretty decent player, 6 handicap. Thanks!
  11. I switch between my Designed by Palmer and a black 8813. Like to build a list of past tour players who used a Palmer or 8802 or 8813. (Not saying their whole career but part of it). Here's my list (off the top of my head). Am sure there are 25 or 30 "name" players I'm not thinking of. Love to hear your thoughts: Ben Crenshaw Tom Watson Lee Trevino John Mahaffey Larry Mize Forrest Fezler Thanks!
  12. I wonder if Phil's win with the old style (Wilson 8802) Odyssey blade will bring any renaissance with those? For the Millennials, who don't know the 8802, the Cameron Napa was modeled after that.
  13. JMO is using his Kevin Burns 9304 now -- saw it last week -- which is what he won the 1999 Masters with.
  14. Agree with north_east_pro... Paul Casey, first major perhaps.
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