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  1. I guess people want to know what lot # from which cotton production facility the cotton was made -- and then which company produced it into the string, and at what hour that was done for the string that went into Tiger's putter grip. And then what type of vehicle the cotton string was shipped in to the Lamkin facility which made the actual grip. This all quite high level, am sure people will die to hear the specifics.
  2. Congrats! I just got the AF Tour CB, 4-PW, Modus 120 shaft. Being built right now. I had a demo 6 iron for a month, hit 350-400 balls with it. LOVE this model iron.
  3. G-R-E-A-T advice. Thanks so much.
  4. Getting some new clubs. Epon AF Tour CB. Demo'd a 6 iron, Modus 120 stiff, had it three weeks. LOVED the shaft, though a tad on the stiff side for me. Great with a good swing but we don't do that 100% of the time, do we? Before the whole set is put together, am doing a soft step with one club, to try out. How much should I expect the difference to be? I've got good feel, so if there's a noticeable difference, I'd likely feel it. Thanks, a lot.
  5. PAUL CASEY TO WIN HIS FIRST MAJOR TODAY -- don't wager too much (now that you know) and dilute my big pay-out! Another major win by a Brit sporting Mizuno.
  6. Would the current Modus 115 wedge shaft or the Modus 120 stiff keep the flight lower when used in wedges?
  7. Thanks a lot for the pics and excellent review of the 302's. These seem to have been one of the most popular Epon of all time. Other than some used sets on eBay, hard to find. Thanks, a lot, coops.
  8. I have two Miura wedges, 52 and 60 loft, with Modus 115 wedge shafts. I like these very much. I have a Mizuno 56 to insert into my wedge line-up (has a Dynamic Gold wedge shaft) which I'm doing to have a repair guy install the same Modus shaft. While the hosels are the same length (Mizuno versus the Miura's), I do NOT know if the bore depth is the same. I want to make the three shafts as close as possible (I realize some swing weight issues may occur with this, no big deal, can deal with that).... IT SEEMS TO ME THAT IF THE BORE DEPTH IS NOT THE SAME... If the Mizuno bore is NOT AS DEEP ...he
  9. Anyone have any experience/opinion? Look very similar in pics, not seen the 305 in person. Thanks.
  10. With extensive evaluation, was recommended: A. KBS C Taper-Lite, 110, stiff (top recommendation) B. Then Project X, 5.5 (#2) This week, was hitting a demo club (on range, many balls, playing holes, a true test) with a Modus 120 stiff and LOVED it. Likely stouter than those recommended? I have an old set of clubs (bought for $50) with KBS Tour 105 stiff shafts...thought I'd do something with the shafts, perhaps install into some heads I have, not much money in them either. Can you give me some thoughts on: Modus 120 stiff compared to "A" above (C Taper Lite, 110 stiff)..and "B."Could the KBS To
  11. If you go back, when you return to 2020: you cannot be the first to CREATE anything existing now...i. e. bounce on sand wedge; metal woods; graphite shafts....or modern fitness regimes.you cannot make money gambling with your knowledge of the "future," i.e. the period up to 2020.you cannot change anything (alter the future), by your actions or words.but you can watch ANYTHING historic related to golf : Hogan's 1 iron at Merion, any Tiger win, Bobby Jones completes his Grand Slam, etc.You return safely, 24 hours after you left, no negative affect on you physically.If you go forward, when you re
  12. Both great clubs, am demoing. AF Tour: really gives "blade feel" struck right, blade look at address (not totally, and with some offset which some people don't like) and some forgiveness.AF 303, good looking/larger footprint/thicker top line with more offset, more forgiveness , still pretty good feel.LOVE to hear your thoughts.
  13. Finding a club which is the combination YOU want is next to impossible....truly "best of both worlds" for you. This is NOT discussing the merits of blades...or merits of cavity backs...but the COMBINATION. Survey below: which of the factors in MAKING THE DECISION is most important to you (changes from time to time, for sure). THERE MAY BE NO TRUE "BEST COMBINATION" NO BEST OF BOTH WORLDS.
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