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  1. Yes, I also have had X stiff shafts in drivers before and it has worked. It seems every shaft is different these days and the numbers and letters on them could almost be useless unless you have experience with any of them.
  2. Hi, So in my quest to obtain new irons I have came to the conclusion regarding several factors - 1. I have always fit into stiff flex shafts on woods and regular flex in irons 2. My swing speed would suggest stiff (98 mph swing speed in driver, 85 mph in 7 iron) 3. I'm discovering graphite shafts on irons in regular to be better Strange really but wonder if it's really to do with simple Physics that the shorter the shaft, the flex needs to be looser? I even tried my Dad's G Max irons the other day which have graphite regular/soft in them, and hit them effortlessly well. I am about to try a set of G425 irons with the Alta CB Slate AWT shafts in regular later. Will see.
  3. JZ (Regular & Stiff): Weight: 109.8g ®, 115.1g (S) Torque: 1.9 ® 1.7 (S) Description: A mid weight steel shaft that plays a little softer than the Z-Z65 and ZZ-Lite. A very common shaft in Zing, Zing 2, and ISI irons. Ball Flight: Due to the mid flex point of this shaft it is designed to hit the ball between the CS-Lite and the Z-Z65. (NOT available for new orders) Microtaper (Stiff): Weight: 115g Torque: 1.9 Description: A mid-weight shaft with a high flex point and stiff tip section. This shaft is very similar to the KT Shaft. Most commonly found in the K series, Eye, and Eye 2 irons. Ball Flight: Mid, similar to ZZ-Lite (NOT available for new orders) My swing speed with 7 iron average 86 mph. Possibly sounding as if the JZ stiff would be better than the stiffer Microtaper?
  4. Deciding on buying one or the other. My local shop has both models in stock (second hand of course). One set have the Ping Microtaper shafts in stiff, other sets have JZ stiff. Any heads up on comparisons/differences between these shafts?
  5. I know this has been talked about before but real quick - Difference between eye 2 and eye 2+. I know the grooves thing but are the lofts stronger on the +? If so, are they similar to the lofts on todays irons? Ross
  6. Hi, struggling as you'll know when buying custom Ping irons. I am currently trying to source second hand G410's. I have tried the current G425 iron in a fitting where the only stiff shaft they had was the Ping AWT 2.0 and numbers were good. I am seeing second hand G410's in my lie with KBS stiff and wondered how they compare to the AWT's? I know the KBS are heavier. On a further side note, how do both of these compare to Dynamic Gold S300? Forgot to mention, that I am definitely stiff shaft and reason for changing is my current set are KBS regular.
  7. Cheers, Funny you say they have changed from 20 years ago as back then I had Zing 2 irons that were custom fitted in green dot that I could never hit. All these years later I was again fitted for green dot but can hit them well now as the lie angle is different from way back.
  8. Hi, currently I have a set of Ping G30 irons in green dot which is 2 degrees upright. Standard length The shafts are regular flex which does not suit me anymore as I need stiff. I got fitted the other week which proved this. I have a chance to possibly grab an old set of Ping Zing 2 irons which are green dot standard length and JZ stiff shafts. Just wondering if the green dot used to be a different lie angle than 2 degrees upright? Thanks.
  9. Hi, So thinking of either the 65 or 75 AV Blue stiff for Callaway Mavrik driver 10.5 head. I had the 65 Blue in a Cobra SZ driver as stock but with it being 45.25 inch long, it seemed a bit stiff, yet spinny as I was cutting it. Wondering if the longer length of 45.75 inch in the Mavrik would work better? Also, wondering if the heavier 75 S would be better and give a lower spin rate? My swing speed is around 93 - 96 mph. I swing it smooth.
  10. Ah Gawd!! Just I want to get the same shaft to go in my other driver which is a PXG.
  11. Hi, Can anyone identify what Tensei shaft this is? I thought it was the Red but can't really tell if it is this or the orange one as the band looks orange in a certain light, but red in another. It says CK series on the shaft. Was stock in the M5.
  12. Hi , I currently have an aldila svs6 - stiff flex shaft on a snake eyes viper tour head - 10 degrees. I swing between 95-105 mph but feel the voodoo is too stiff - i hit right a lot - i also get strange trajectories ranging from low to very high (but not ballooning) and the distance isnt too great. I am thinking of trying a callaway ft-9 tour driver 9.5 deg. with fubuki 63 s shaft as recommended by a friend - any suggestions on this - would the fubuki be easier to hit than the voodoo? Ross
  13. Anyone tell me how this head sits? is it square or closed at address. Ross
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