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  1. I depends on miss. If you miss left, opening a 5 wood makes sense. If you're miss is right, lofting up a 3 wood makes sense.
  2. Mine is mixed. My PW is the set, MP20 MMC, GW and SW are T20 and my LW is a Taylormade milled grind. I like that my lob wedge is rusted and beat and looks different than the others.
  3. Why not turn a 5 wood weaker or a 7 wood stronger?
  4. Look of top line, offset and how bounce acts at contact and through. All blades are not the same.
  5. Personal preference. I like my 50 and 54 to be kinda like another iron, which is why I play the t20 in those. My lob wedge, Taylormade milled grind, is rusted, beat to crap, grinded on and looks like it was made for battle.
  6. I had a SIM last year. Wanted something a tad more forgiving and better feel so I went to a SIM2. Nice club but for some reason the G425 lst caught my eye. Typical wrx fashion, tried it, bought it. G425 lst is just way more consistent for me and I'm only giving up 2 yards a drive. My SIM2 will be on Facebook marketplace next week. Lol.
  7. 915fd. I don't change fairway woods often.
  8. About a 1. Playing a Sim ti with an old Diamana d plus. I may switch the shaft out soon though. Love the head too much to think about anything else.
  9. If your miss is right or massively right, put the weight in the heel and change the hosel to the small +. Especially if your strike is more on the heel. Your fitter sounds like a bad one to be honest. If he didn't explain the above or let you hit all you wanted or if your miss was right and puts you in a low spin head, they're obviously not that good at their job. G425 Max, Sim2 Max D, TSi1, Cobra, all very good options.
  10. Lehman. Had a different model for each iron. Even had an old school Cobra bladed long irons.
  11. I have the last model of the X Forged ut at 21 degrees. It's a solid 3/4 iron for me.
  12. I've played a 818h2. Still have it around just in case. Anyways, that thing is crazy long. Awesome club but too long for my needs.
  13. I went from V steel (2003) to r7 tp (2006) to i25 (2014) to 915fd (2015) to SIM (2020). So basically I look every 5 years.
  14. Last year is the way to go. SIM, TS series and G410.
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