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  1. Saw a pic on Instagram. Type in the search #taylormadesim2 and there's a picture of the 3 drivers. Personally, not a fan. I'm either hopping to Ping and the G425 or keeping my SIM for 2021.
  2. I have one and plan on keeping it for 2021. I love the feel and flight.
  3. Just hood the 5 iron for your punch out shots. I've been thinking of going this route too. I hit my 4 iron like Tiger Woods off the tee on par 3s and short par 4s. Off the turf, I hit it like Wiger Toods. I haven't found what I wanted yet. Most 4 hybrids hit spinning moon balls. I'm still hopeful on finding a legit one soon.
  4. And I know what I'll be spending my January bonus on.
  5. I'm hoping they don't change a thing. TP5x is just perfect.
  6. New ones coming soon. Posts are plentiful in the tour forum. The new look is very different. So we'll see how they do.
  7. Mizuno Hot Metal Pro 5 iron. I thought about getting the 4 and 5 in it myself. I still love a bladed look at 6 iron on down but I like the chunkier 4 and 5. I think it's part of getting smart and mature. Lol.
  8. I would play them. Carl was a good player but not like he was Tiger or won a major with those wedges.
  9. For me, it was 3 thru 6 iron. Problem wasn't contact, it was distance gapping despite them being 4 degrees apart. They were just too close. So I bought a 4 and 5 iron that were a bit bigger than my blades, adjusted the lofts, and now it's perfect. Also allows me to carry 4 wedges now.
  10. In play. G410 is straighter but the SIM isn't that much different in accuracy. Dispersion is mainly shaft related. Just find a shaft with the same characteristics as the G410 one and you'll be fine.
  11. I have a SIM and came from a G410 lst. I liked the G410 but I noticed the ball would fall out of the sky in a weird way. So I demoed a SIM, bought it and tested head to head on the course for a few rounds. SIM was way longer and with the G410, I tried 4 different shafts, all the same spinny result.
  12. SIM because the flight and feel is spot on for me and it makes the ball go far.
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