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  1. @Howard_Jones This is a great post that I am seeing the results of on my GCQuad. I am one of those +AOA, but low on the face strikers that has problems with spinny driver shots and high dynamic loft. Based on this post, watching a few videos, and learning more about how specific launch characteristics affect spin, I am working to impact the ball higher on the face and more towards the toe. When I do it right (still looking for the consistent feel), I see spin rates drop 1k+. I am using a SIM 8* with a Ventus Black 6x, and on low strikes I get spin in the low 3k range. When I mo
  2. $25 gift card. I want to mail this, no cost, no obligation, to a fellow golfer who this will help during these challenging times. Please, only PM me if the $25 can somehow help. Thanks fellow WRXers
  3. Comes with remote used 10 times or so works perfectly $225 OBO shipped to CONUS
  4. Had time to play our back 9 with my daughter yesterday, here were my results: I played all shots from 100 off a variety of lies for the first shot. I am going to do this again, and will try for a full 18. I will take either pictures or do video next time so I can get a bit more detail about each hole and shot. In summary, it was a really fun experience. I took out pretty much every club but gap, sand, lob and putter so now I have an excuse to get a Sunday bag for rounds like this. A few observations - What has been
  5. All I am torn between the Shapland and the Moonlite. Looking for a quality 14 club every day carry bag. I have a 2020 Hoofer, but play a lot of 9h rounds with mu daughter so I'm looking to shave a few lb's. Any thoughts from those who own either/both? Thanks
  6. The best, first, and only hybrid I've gotten along with. Just order it now. With the hzrdus, it's a weapon off the tee and off the deck.
  7. 97 here in Folsom. Playing Harding next Wednesday. Wearing pants
  8. I wore them a bunch, and True has always been good to me. Don't feel right returning. I'm going to chalk it up to a miss and use them for other purposes.
  9. After about 15 rounds, as much as I want to love them, I can't see a future with these. They are incredibly comfortable on the foot and walking, they grip the ground well, but the lack of structure is hurting my toes and my game. Thinking these will be relegated to chipping and putting practice days, or to street wear with shorts. Bummed...
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