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  1. Purchased new. 10.5 hot head. Got the SIM2 and there really is no difference. Purchased from fitter and I’m keeping my shaft so head only with headcover. $250 shipped cont us. Tee marks on face came right off
  2. Because I don't want to go to the post office every moment of my life. I see the point, but I do "need" a lot of sticks. I play out of state, so that's two bags up there. I bring friends so I keep a third there so they don't need to travel with a bag. I do let all my buddies dip into my clubs, I build stuff for them all the time. Just yesterday one said, "I'm hitting your old 3 wood better than anything I've tried." I said because its a legend! 915fd 16.5 with MJ7 Graphite Design. No cost to him.
  3. I have accrued both ways. The bag full of Miuras has a lot more than shown in that pic. I order Miura wedges often. I try nearly everything they make. Gap wedges are my main issue, I hit them a lot during a round, so it needs to perform. They are hard to sell after the fact, so I just keep them
  4. I actually had to sell these for the move expense, also known as termites!
  5. Putters can't be in the garage, please! They need a special climate controlled location. I think I have a pic somewhere.
  6. I think there is some confusion. I’m not looking to get rid of anything, lol.
  7. Hi all, I'm moving next month, this weekend I started to clear out the golf "Stuff". And I was really shocked by what I still had in the corners, cabinets, drawers, and trunks of the cars when it comes to high-end golf equipment. It was like turning back the clock. I've been on WRX for as long as anyone. I have gone through the progression of golf equipment master all the way to certified golf collector/hoarder. I must say, all of these items are gamers, my collection of putters is safe inside and will not be discussed in this session. First the bags- 6 in total- The Bl
  8. Really nice putter here. Never been played. Has great mill marks all over. The copper limited editions are some of my favorite putters ever! Plastic on grip, headcover like new. SOLD shipped and paypalled will partial trade for Taylormade Sim products, PXG Milled wedges, Newport 2 cool putters.
  9. I have for sale a custom Taylormade ordered P-790 5-AW Sold
  10. I played there last week. The course was in great shape for a public course, some hard spots around. The greens were fantastic. The little putting green is a lot slower than the course, looks like a green I'd put in my backyard. That was my second time playing it and after a week full of private golf, my group really like this course a ton.
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