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  1. 45” D0 playing length. Purchased all new. Club work done myself. Had counterbalance in butt end to get to D0/C9 because that’s how I play my driver. This club is solid, I just like my SIM with HB Oban (counterbalanced) slightly better. The SIM2 head is more forgiving and sounds better. Just something with my old gamer. Price is shipped cont US. Would need to be an awesome trade for me to consider. Has Headcover. Sold
  2. 5 is PI-401 6 and 7 CB301 8-pw MC501 gw is High Bounce 50
  3. I'm not sure if you are with me or against me on this. Yes they have embraced new tech to a point, better leading edge grinds and stronger lofts. But you can get the butter blades still from them. I've been a miura user for decades, I've had almost every single set/wedge/putter they've introduced. I don't care about value in an iron, or any other club for that matter. I look down at the club and know it's the best for me. If I think otherwise I try something else to see which is better. For me my bag is as good as I can get it at this time.
  4. Sorry miss print PI-401 5 then down MC501 shorts
  5. Got a tee time out there next Sunday. Any reports yet?
  6. In their class they are superior irons. And they aren’t a show piece, most people I play with know nothing about them. They totally perform when fitted into them. The grinds are far superior to even other top range Japanese offerings. I’ll never game a game improvement cast short iron, no need to have a trampoline face. I want performance and I know these are the most consistent best built irons in the world. If you want to hit it higher you change shafts or lofts, when people want “forgiveness” on a mis-strike you are adding spring to the face.
  7. I bought this on a whim, shafted it with a primo shaft I had. And I hate to say it works! PXG 28 deg gen1 hybrid, with a never pulled Fujikura 904hb regular flex tipped a big extra to play like a medium stiff. I played it for a few months, but I’m hitting my mid irons real good so this can go. Looking to trade: PXG wedges, TS/TSi fairway woods, hybrids, and drivers. Sim fw. Cool shafts, anything throw it at me. Sales price SOLD shipped no headcover.
  8. This is a great sub 60 gram shaft. Tight and smooth. 44” raw length with Tour Velvet 360 grip. One time pull with 1.5” max tip prep. No tip on it. I think I have a titleist and Taylormade I can install for an extra $20.00 Trade for a Nemesis 65 Four driver length shaft, or a TSi3 driver head, Miura stuff, Sim Ti fairway woods, Sim2 stuff. That’s it! SOLD [email protected] is paypal
  9. Purchased new. 10.5 hot head. Got the SIM2 and there really is no difference. Purchased from fitter and I’m keeping my shaft so head only with headcover. $250 shipped cont us. Tee marks on face came right off
  10. Because I don't want to go to the post office every moment of my life. I see the point, but I do "need" a lot of sticks. I play out of state, so that's two bags up there. I bring friends so I keep a third there so they don't need to travel with a bag. I do let all my buddies dip into my clubs, I build stuff for them all the time. Just yesterday one said, "I'm hitting your old 3 wood better than anything I've tried." I said because its a legend! 915fd 16.5 with MJ7 Graphite Design. No cost to him.
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