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  1. Price is shipped conus most likely FedEx M6 10.5* with Ventus Red 5 regular flex shaft plays 0.75” less than standard so that is 45” I think comes with original unused M6 headcover standard grip pictures speak for themselves on condition the dots are just stickies for launch monitor pm with questions $250
  2. Mods - i locked this last Thursday (4dys ago) but someone unlocked it for some reason.
  3. I'm coming from original P 790s so has anyone done a three way combo of 770/MC/MBs? Say: 5-7 in 770s 8-9 in MCs PW in MB I'm looking for higher spin higher launch mid irons I hate the wide sole in my lower irons especially 9 and Pw. Hate my 790 Pw for that reason. I'd soft step the MB Pw shaft to raise launch/spin. Rest of the shafts would be KBS C Taper Lite straight in. Thoughts.......?
  4. Agree with this, my 790 #3 is noticeably thinner sole than the Taylormade UDI. I'm just not good enough to hit it, hence its on the BST right now.
  5. Only hit a few premium balls indoors on Quad (hence the dots) and have finally realized i am too old and slow to hit a #3 iron high. Its a beast though in the right hands. Bought this summer 2020 direct from Taylormade Built +0.5 inches long and 0.5* flat I can bend to whatever lie and loft you want $140 shipped CONUS or open to trades plus cash for the new SIM DHY #3 or SIM #3 hybrid with stiff or maybe regular flex graphite shaft.
  6. They are supposed to launch high and spin, these are the alternative for people for whom the 790s launch too low with too low spin. That's what the TM fitter told me.
  7. Not sure if this is the right thread for this but can anyone recommend good instructors / golf coaches for juniors in the Dallas Metro area. Looking for someone for swing / short game and practice plans to follow for a 12 yr old who is now playing a little tournament golf with NTPGA. Thanks in advance for PMs.
  8. Epson M-Tracer MT500GII swing analyzer $215 $175 shipped CONUS OBO Uses a clip around the bottom of the grip to attach to the club. Measures swing path, swing speed, face angle, club path, attack angle, tempo , shoulder rotation, when the club head is released The app creates a 3D image of your complete swing path that can be rotated 360* for down the line, face on views etc and analysis of each of the above elements. The swing can be moved in slow motion and paused to see where you are compared to suitable 'V' above or below the plane. There is a tracker in slow
  9. Any interest in a Kia Ma Monte Carlo triple milled face (tour issue) with Flatso 2.0?
  10. My son played it in a tournament last Saturday and it was fine. Maybe a little verticut recently but greens rolled smooth and rest of course was in good condition. Although we had a ton of rain this week and it couldnt handle the 1.5"last Sun early morning and the second day of the tournament was cancelled.
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