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  1. Spry Evo reworked Odysseys on the way home!
  2. Hello friends... Fujikura Speeder Evolution 661 stiff, 44" Titleist tip, stock Mizuno Tour Velvet grip $85 shipped KBS CTaper Lite 110 stiff, taper tip pulls 5 to P. Grips have been built up to mock +4 feel. $old! shipped, 5 iron was 38.5" TM Rac Fe2O3 56 wedge, 12 degrees bounce, head only, rusted nicely, $30 shipped 2007 Callaway X Forged heads, 4 to pw. Look worse than they are. Previous owner sanded the badges to remove the paint. Also added pin holes to a few hosels. The badge popped off the 5 iron, 4 iron was added later. Grooves still sha
  3. Pingman or Iomic Sticky. Tried some of those fat grips, but the feel is too "numb" for me.
  4. Odyssey has something for everyone, and hasn't been "overhyped to overprice" like the others you mentioned.
  5. He hit that drive like he was late for the bar.. I love the team events, there should be more!
  6. Love to find one of these..I rolled a Callie for a while
  7. I just switched at the turn today.. I got a new putter with one of those fat, big, bulky grips and decided to try it. I never liked those grips, but this was the biggest, fattest model (Super Stroke 5.0). I couldn't get used to the feel, or lack of feel. It also got stuck going in and out of the bag, it drove me nuts. I stopped by the car on the way to the 10th tee and swapped putters, one putted the 10th and 11th..
  8. I have a funky Futobuki, looking for a few more to fiddle with..
  9. I just bought a Cameron Detour 1. I won't post pix of it. I won't game it. My instructor uses one as a training aid, and I checked it out last session, it helped.
  10. All Rickie and DJ need to do is open an Insta account with their wives and they will win this...
  11. Love these old Ping putters. I have an older Ping PAL in the bag now, got it as a "toss in" at a garage sale. The original grip was rotten and worn through to the shaft in some spots, so I added a new Pingman grip and it rolls great!
  12. I owned an older 90s Newport that was a tour putter (COA confirmed). The head seemed smaller than the Newports (and Ansers) I had owned, it also had a sound slot. It came with an older "Circle T" cover too. Thin milled face (almost worn smooth), felt great and the sound slot gave it a nice "ring". It felt great, but was a bit too light (310gms) and short (33") so I only gamed it for one round. During that round, the headcover popped off, and when I noticed it, the sheer terror of losing a $500 collectible gave me cold sweats. So I ditched my group to circle back to find
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