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  1. Yup, swapped my TM Jetspeed 3 wood and my old "Duffy" TM 4/5 wood with a Titleist 917 16.5* 4 wood, using a 3 wood length shaft in it. Can get it out far enough off the tee, can hit it a bit easier than the Jetspeed 3 wood off the deck. The Jetspeed is a tour issue club, and the face is crazy hot. I hit it almost as far as my driver off the tee, and it wasn't as friendly off the deck as the 4 wood I just added.
  2. Trades, package deals considered. Looking for Titleist 917D2 10.5* head, Odyssey #9 putters (and similar), forged MB or CB heads, "boutique" stand bags (Linksmaster, LinkSouldier, Stich, Vessel, etc), old school Carbon Milled putters (Plop Joystick, Cobra U2 model, etc) Mizuno MP58 4 to p heads. Pix show condition. Someone added lead plugs to the face of the 6iron, dunno why. 2 degrees upright $100 shipped MP33 6 to p heads. Pix show condition 2 degrees upright $100 shipped TM Tour Issue Jetspeed 3 wood, Fuji Speeder Pro 74. Great shape,,
  3. KBS CTaper Lite in X 115. Lamkin/Accros full cord oversized grips, 4 pw pulls, 3/4" overlength, taper tips. $old shipped Dynamic Gold S300, 5 pw, taper tip pulls, newer Lamkin grips, might have 1 wrap extra. 5 iron shaft is 36.75" $old shipped JD Putters Milled Persuit model. 375gm, 35" Pingman blackout grip, cover. Delicately gamed this for a few seasons, great feel from a heavy head, Newport style. $old shipped Will consider trades for heavier headed heel style (Zing, Laguna, etc), 10.5* Titleist drivers (head only), recent lightweight stand bag, recent "
  4. Nothing wrong with living in the past. I cycle through older sets, I usually don't spend more than $200 on iron sets, and often do not see benefits to "latest and greatest". I'll give new sets a demo spin at the range or shop, but usually just go back to playing the oldies I have at home. Gaming a beat to death set of 2007 X Forged now, probably the "newest" set I have bought in years..
  5. I've bounced around the MP lineup in that time frame, honestly, there is something for everyone there. I've played many MP sets, starting with 14 through 58, so much innovation and "technology" there, regardless of era. Just decide what you are missing and where to find it in their lineup, or do what I am doing and go crazy trying to play them all!
  6. shanx

    Mizuno MP-58

    Snagged a set for cheap late this summer, been gaming them for a few weeks now. After gaming MP15s for a few seasons, these feel pretty similar, but are definitely more "bladelike" (thinner soles than the MP15s). Relatively forgiving, I do believe the insert helps with forgiveness, but they are closer to a blade than the MP15s were. I bought these to compare to my set of MP33s. As much as I love the MP33, they just hit the ball too high for me. The MP58s have a lower ballflight, and are a bit easier to control, ballflight wise..
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