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  1. Timely, been trying to sort out the upper half of the bag most of this season. I have a pile of hybrids, fairway woods and driving irons now, still adding and rotating to get the right mix. I need to find a club that I can get 220yds out of, reliably. I have a 4wood (16.5*), 3 hybrid (20*) and 4 iron now. I just pulled out the 19* 2H (hook machine). I had an18* 2 iron in the bag for a bit, off the tee it's fine, out of the fairway or rough its not as easy to hit. I have a few 19* 5 woods, but the gap is so close to my 3h I don't see any difference in yardages
  2. Free your mind of this silliness. Embrace the chaos of multi branding. "Whatever works" is my motto, my bag is always a hodge podge....
  3. I have a plenty of $25 to $350 putters that are great at missing putts, so I think I'm set. Maybe spend $100 on a fitting, spend some on getting them adjusted as a result of the fitting. Pocket the remainder or buy some drivers I won't be able to hit straight, or some blades to hit poorly.. The possibilities are endless!
  4. Egads, 5.0? Chip.
  5. Easy enough to adjust, and Ping putter grips are cheap...
  6. -15 winning The Open is no fun. Really missed brutal winds, rain and colder temps. Guys shot 65s easy. Greens weren't really running fast, seemed to hold approach shots, didn't really factor in making anything harder for anyone. But Collin handled it well, played a solid round when it mattered most..
  7. Lol, I've swapped at the turn a few times this season...
  8. Lol, backups? Did you say backups?? My main (this week) is close in specs to others that live in the same house. But there are many others too...
  9. This is painful to read, but as you can see by my username, I have been there. I'm still fighting them, but my shank isn't off the hosel as frequently, but very close to it. The shots still "flare" but not immediately to the right, more like a gentle cut that lands short with weird spin on it. I can hear it when it happens, lol... I have been through all the fixes, drills, advice. Most of it was just "bandaid" stuff that addressed the issues to fix the poor ballstriking, but eventually, I just started all over again and took lessons with a really good pro. T
  10. Every week this guy is in the "news" for things other than his play, too much drama. Just go out and play...
  11. Any idea on headweights on these?
  12. 6'4" Putter is 35 - 35.5" Irons +1"
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