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  1. He's an interesting dude, kinda goes with the beat of his own drum. Might go out and shoot a 64, but might forget that he has 18 clubs in his bag and be DQd.
  2. I thought them being "teammates" and hugging it out would be the end of this silly "rivalry". This won't do anything but perpetuate the feud, and we will be stuck with living "Brooksie 2.0" all next season.
  3. My "cut" Mid Sur is 375gms My SpryEvo modified Odyssey #9 is 365gms Both are 35"
  4. That came out nice! Probably going to have my Mid Sur refinished this offseason, BOS is on top of my list...
  5. Two putters and an epic set of blades today. Piretti Cottonwood 2, 375g 33" in gamed condition. No abuse, just honest play wear, will ship in a pretty old Scotty headcover $old shipped Scotty Cameron RedX2, 35" 350g, generic headcover. I popped open the baseplate and added two quarters and lead tape to get the weight to approximately 375gms, can easily be reversed. Very good condition $old shipped Fourteen FH1000 4 pw. Project X 5.5s, 2 degrees up, 2 degrees strong, extended to 40" 5 iron, fresh grips too. Great feeling and surprisingly forgiving. Great shape, just average wear and tear for soft forgings $375 shipped pin 9/18
  6. Love that shape, but agree, they are scarce compared to other, older classic shapes. I like heavier heads, making the struggle even more real. I sent a #9 Versa to SpryEvo to get a heavier, better feeling insert installed.. Game it from time to time..
  7. Yup, popped off after consistent heat. Installed 2 quarters in the pocket and 2.5 strips of lead tape to hold them there. Feels much more familiar now. Haven't bagged it yet, still getting used to the SBST stroke on the carpet at home.. It is easier to line up, and the stroke is very simple. I am so used to offset putters and having a "gate" though, every once in a while I pull or push one badly if that gated stroke returns. The ball does seem to roll better with this putter, I'm gonna put it in play this week. Thanks for your help, everyone!
  8. Its the 350gm model, but I have been putting with 375gm putters the past few seasons. So I want to add 25gms to get it heavier so it feels "right" to me. It's funny how we get used to things and any variation from that feels so "off". I was putting with it inside last night and could feel my putting stroke changing due to the lower weight.
  9. Yeah, I have been poking at it all weekend, it's in there solid! Thanks for the advice...
  10. I'll try heating it up a little tonight... Thanks!
  11. I got the 4 screws out, the plate is still stuck on pretty tightly. I don't want to bash the putter, obviously. Am I missing something?
  12. Wow, none, anywhere.. I got three a few months ago, should have grabbed more! Maybe PGASS? I wasn't looking for them last time I was at my local store, dunno if they are out too..
  13. I think it was John Daly and his fans that started it. Happy Gilmore didn't help either..
  14. Phil let his caddy do the tossing. He hit his shot and moved on. Steve Williams was often acting as Tiger's bodyguard as well as his caddy.. Bison does the dirty work himself, needs to realize the backlash will be aimed at him.
  15. Yes, its really this. And now you see more and more "stadiums" being built, every week. They really need to crack down on alcohol being sold. I'm no teetotaler, but I have seen some rather inebriated "fans" at golf events, more than a Yankee or Met game, fer sure.
  16. Like the Mets, who recently started their own form of protesting "boos" from the crowds by flashing a "thumbs down", this will not end well.. Instead of trying to fix some of the causes for the amount of poor crowd behavior (alcohol sales), this silly band aid fix will most certainly result in further issues with BD, I guarantee. You can't fight the fans and win, it just never works. I can't wait to find out what replaces "Brooksie", PGA can't "ban" every word!
  17. Or the graphics that show how "far away" he is from the others in his group, the 3 times he hits the fairway a week.
  18. He is his own worse enemy. He needs to let his caddy do the muscling, kinda how Steve Williams took "care" of Tiger. He only makes things worse when he himself is "tossing" people from tournaments. Seems like his caddy is too busy doing calculus to get the yardages perfect. I too, get tired of "woe is me" every time he gets a bad break. Mud on the ball did not cause a 30yd slice. This Ryder Cup is going to be a doozy!
  19. I don't like changing putters depending on green speed, I think the change in weight would throw me off more than the speed. I'm sticking with 375 gms, but I have a 365 gm too. My old Pings, Cleveland Classic, Odysseys are all around 330. I try them from time to time, but always go back to the heavy stuff.
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