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  1. He is his own worse enemy. He needs to let his caddy do the muscling, kinda how Steve Williams took "care" of Tiger. He only makes things worse when he himself is "tossing" people from tournaments. Seems like his caddy is too busy doing calculus to get the yardages perfect. I too, get tired of "woe is me" every time he gets a bad break. Mud on the ball did not cause a 30yd slice. This Ryder Cup is going to be a doozy!
  2. I don't like changing putters depending on green speed, I think the change in weight would throw me off more than the speed. I'm sticking with 375 gms, but I have a 365 gm too. My old Pings, Cleveland Classic, Odysseys are all around 330. I try them from time to time, but always go back to the heavy stuff.
  3. I rolled an old Ping Anser for years, added a mess of lead tape over the years, it got close to 360gms. This spring I pulled the old Anser out of the moth balls, the glob of lead tape had fallen off. I gamed it for a few early rounds for nostalgic reasons, didn't really roll it that well. I'm bagging a 375g putter now, I just feel the head better..
  4. 10.5 degree TS2 16.5 degree TS2 (adjusted -0.75) Depending on course and condition: 19 degree TS3 OR Mizzy Comp EZ 2iron then 3 to p 52, 58 Putter I also have a 3 hybrid that I might pop in if I'm bagging the TS3 5 wood. I can still get the long irons airborne, and can control the trajectory much easier with them than the hybrid or 5 wood. I have a 56 that I am considering adding for longer bunker shots and 95 to 100 yd shots. My GW goes 120 max, LW 90. I would probably cut the 5 wood and 3 iron and just put the hybrid in play. I think adding a wedge might be a bit better than trying to keep the gap closer at the top...
  5. Egads...just stopped by her Insta page. Looks like she is prepping for that career in porn.
  6. Send it back or flip it... Say what you want about Scotty's stuff, they should always sell for what you paid for it. I got tired of the "Scotty lifestyle" and sold off my little collection (at a profit), it didn't make sense to have so much invested in a putter. That said, I currently have a "chopped Mid Sur" in the bag now, and been happy with it this season.
  7. NY Metro dude here, motorized carts stayed in the barn for most of the 2020 season, a few courses would let you take a cart with a single rider, rental prices for carts were raised in a few places. I had been a rider, pretty much exclusively before COVID (I'm 54). Last year I bought a lightweight bag and carried the clubs for the whole season. I did fine, but got tired near the ends of rounds so my scores on the final holes blew up more often than not. I didn't care that much, I was happy to be out and playing during the pandemic, and I played a lot more golf than usual because I found ways to "work" while playing golf. This year, I carried most of the spring and early summer. One round, on a super hot/humid day I got a bit "wobbly" coming up the final fairway. The next week I bought a push cart and have been using it for every round I can. Some courses I play are impossible to walk, holes are quite spread out between tees/greens. I like walking the course, always have. I don't feel (or care) that I am slowing anyone up if they are in a cart and I am not, they can only play as fast as the group in front allows, etc. I don't think I will ever go back to being a full time rider.
  8. Pix are loaded, but not showing everywhere. Gonna lock and repost after I can work this out. Sorry!
  9. A lot to list, come at me with offers, might consider trades for heavier headed Newport styles, 10 5 Degree drivers. Putters: Two Spry Evo modded older Odyssey putters, both have the aluminum inserts added, both weigh over 360gms (my scale does not have 3 digit accuracy). Winter projects, just wanted a heavier headed Odyssey, was going for a basic, patina look, nothing fancy. New inserts feel much better than stock too. #9 Versa has a new Odyssey grip, 35in. Tri Hot 2 has some weird jumbo grip, 34in. $100 each, shipped. Iron Heads: All are 2 degrees upright. Mizuno MP58 4-p, $70 shipped Cally 07 X Forged 4-p, $65 shipped Both sets for $110 shipped Mizuno MP18 MMC Fli Hi 5, 6 irons $85 shipped Mizuno Cut Muscle Fli Hi 4 iron $35 shipped All three for $100 shipped Titleist Fairway head, Hybrids 917D2 4 wood head, ez to hit bomber. $65 shipped 909H set, 19,21 and 24 degrees. 19 and 21 have Voodoo Stiff HY shafts, 24 Diamana Blue Stiff $120 shipped for the set, $45 each. Scotty Cameron fugazi 40g weight kit with tool. Didn't fit the Scotty putter I sold off, with tool $20 shipped
  10. Didn't want to reply that I am putting better this past month or so, in fear of jinxing it.. Always working to shave off number of putts per hole, that means working on putting a lot. Also means chipping, sand game and approaches too though. Really had a few great tips this season that have helped on the greens. Also did some soul searching and have found a putter type, weight and specs that have also helped. I played 18 with an old friend who was always a good putter over the years, and always had the same stroke for as long as I have known him. He kind of keeps his hands in, toe up, and pops it, consistently. After our round, I stole his stroke and have been making a lot more putts.
  11. Its tried and true... I'm back to the Anser/Newport style now, and I am putting better this season. I have made major changes to my setup and stroke, the offset in that style head is best for my stroke. I have a pile of other putters, but the Anser/Newports are in the bag.
  12. Only if you are playing near the north or south pole..
  13. More than a few being flipped in our very own Classifieds. Rolled a pile of Scottys over the years, was a naysayer for a bit too. The man knows how to sell a putter, fer sure. I'm gaming a chopped Mid Sur now, btw.
  14. Success is hard. Both these guys are having troubles dealing with it. Golfers are solitary by nature, pro golfers probably moreso. The spotlight shines bright, most don't know how to deal with it. When your mistakes are put on public display, it makes it harder to cope with. We all handle stress different ways, we just don't handle it with millions of people watching live or on TV.
  15. Also wondering if the "murdered out" look has hit the pros, a few make black steel shafts now (KBS).
  16. That first, crisp, clean shank of the round...
  17. I'm building a set of Fourteen FH1000s now. Not sure if they will be gamed, but I'll hit them at the range. I really don't care if they fit my game, I'm out there to have fun and keep moving, lol.. In all honesty, I definitely check out bags and judge too, I think we all do it..
  18. Glad that's over... Did the course suddenly play harder after three days of low scoring? I saw there seemed to be more wind today, but the greens appeared to be in the same shape as they have been..
  19. While showing DJ looking clueless after holing out is priceless,, a plaque to memorialize is pushing it..
  20. Timely, been trying to sort out the upper half of the bag most of this season. I have a pile of hybrids, fairway woods and driving irons now, still adding and rotating to get the right mix. I need to find a club that I can get 220yds out of, reliably. I have a 4wood (16.5*), 3 hybrid (20*) and 4 iron now. I just pulled out the 19* 2H (hook machine). I had an18* 2 iron in the bag for a bit, off the tee it's fine, out of the fairway or rough its not as easy to hit. I have a few 19* 5 woods, but the gap is so close to my 3h I don't see any difference in yardages when I hit them both. I just bought an 18* 5wood.
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