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  1. Far from narrow. Much more like regular golf shoe.
  2. Damn that sucks. I am surprised to see the white version selling better than the black. I ordered the white without trying the black I bought.
  3. The TaylorMade driver wrench works just fine. It is was I used to change the weights on my spider x from 2 grams to 12 grams. Just don’t go crazy and over tighten like you can on the driver.
  4. And you are free to not buy this driver
  5. It’s not gone. They moved it to the side.
  6. Got my TW in today, big shoutout to Nike getting these to me so fast with regular shipping. Initial impressions are good for me. I have a pretty wide foot and none of that ZIT, 90G or 270 shoes fit me remotely and these look to have good space. A good amount of space for the non wide version I should add. I like the classic looks. I for some it looks pretty boring but for me I think they look great. Going to give them a go on Monday and if all goes well then I will be likely buying the white version as well. That Frank version will be a purchase eventually as well if they ever release it.
  7. Don't look up the new name for the Cobra or Callaway drivers if you think SIM 2 is bad.
  8. Pretty sure all are magnetic now. I haven't seen a velcro one in days.
  9. Looks like the customization is going to better than most expected (including me).
  10. Pretty sure you just wasted your time. He was in the December Christmas card. If he wasn't in that then I could believe a bit of this.
  11. That and I literally posted the link 13 minutes before his post.
  12. Black TW also up on NDC: https://www.nike.com/t/air-zoom-tiger-woods-20-mens-golf-shoe-bbK6jF/CI4510-001
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