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  1. If the conditions were normal the list would be: 1) Sand Piper 2) Glen Annie 3) La P 4) SB muni played all four and those are my rankings. Absolutely adored Sand Piper and Glen Annie is really tough. La P is tough and windy and SB muni is a no frills golf course.
  2. I agree with everything you said and would play it again no doubt.
  3. Looks like a bigger version of my Spider FCG...yawn
  4. Really looking forward to following this one. Make sure to post a ton of pics. I would have been on this if it was the SoCal location. My dream is to do a full fitting there one day...
  5. Smaller HL head is tour issue only IIRC
  6. Hopefully they fixed the awful sound of the predecessor. The look was killer.
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