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  1. Probably need to change this thread title from sweet deal lol
  2. Interesting, looking forward to seeing how he does this week.
  3. Just shows you how we all see and enjoy golf courses differently. Even with my Monterey bias I would say I enjoyed playing Sandpiper and even Pelican Hill a lot more than Spanish Bay. Who knows maybe the next time I play SB I will enjoy it more.
  4. I unloaded my stash of golf balls and I am ready to load up on the new 4 piece ball. Let's gooooooooooo Costco
  5. Nice, post up some pictures when you get it in.
  6. Would love to see some more colorways drop for the TW20 including the Franks but my wallet is happy for now. My current rotation is black TW20, white TW20 and black AD3.
  7. Best company by far when it comes to warranty replacements. Have heard so many good stories lately. Makes me want to support them more and more.
  8. 1. Join the Bridgestone Email List HERE 2. In a post below let us know what autographed flag you would like to win (Bryson or Freddie!)? Bryson 3. What Bridgestone Golf Balls do you want to win? Tour B X 4. Did you sign up for the newsletter? Yes
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