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  1. Yeah and when he said the driver was great you could tell he is just trying to pump it up. He was terrible with it today.
  2. Cobra making progress! Didn’t release a driver with a stupid name or ugly color way. Looking forward to trying this one out.
  3. Then this is not the thread for you
  4. Yep and the guy who posted rahm to tm as a blunder is a callaway fangirl for sure.
  5. Vendors do controlled leaks. We saw it with TaylorMade and Callaway in years past. Some random employee or vendor will leak something soon to start building hype.
  6. Makes sense, the i500 sounded and felt terrible.
  7. Looks good but not TaylorMade 7 series good
  8. 2022 release cycle just around the corner. Don’t put the credit card away just yet LOL
  9. Is that restaurant in the new building they were making right by the course? Mexican food and cocktails sounds perfect.
  10. That is one low mortgage payment!
  11. ASN21

    TP5 PIX $

    Now this is a design I can get behind! https://www.taylormadegolf.com/TP5-pix-Money-Ball/DW-TA498.html?lang=en_US
  12. Your iron head covers is what I was referring to as the cheap eBay covers
  13. Very lame and surprising that the website owners would even allow this. Thankfully I do not subscribe to any emails from WRX.
  14. They have been out for a while now. Probably a move to get consumers to get a famous putter for a value.
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