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  1. These are one piece milled versions iirc. Possibly done by slighter
  2. Nice. If I didn’t already have two back up sets of heads in my closet I’d be all over these
  3. Air Max 1G original version is fairly wide for a Nike, the air max 1g nrg are a lil better but harder to find. Also the TWs that are offered in wide work pretty well. I wear a 13 as well
  4. He was probably holding somebody’s Putter he was playing with while they tried his putter her something
  5. So i got my 4/5/6 MCs and they all had serial number stickers on them along with headweights. Checked the serials and they are alll xxxxTxxxx so Looks like they pulled my heads from tour stock. D3.8 at standard length with no tip weights modus 120stiff Also got 5-PW MBs to possibly make combo set but the MBs couldn't beat out my 2011 MB gamers
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