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  1. Not sure if it's stupid. Looks like it moves around on a circular insert. Possibly a training aid or used to line up an alignment line on the ball. The putter looks great w the double bend shaft
  2. Or for gamecock fans when they run outta wood to add to the fire...
  3. Unbelievable 735s!! Such an underrated set. Those aren't stainless tho, those are the chrome version which feel even better than the stainless version imo
  4. The super villain of blades in my opinion. 2 face. Beautiful at address and from the back. Sure some will love it but it ain't doing it for me
  5. You misspelled Edel... Plus someone probably did it before Edel years ago.
  6. I have indeed. These appear uglier to my eye which i thought was damn near impossible. As always YMMV
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