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  1. Sure I'll post some more pics. I know the shafts have not been used much. They were in the Pro combo irons listed.
  2. For Sale Nike VR procombo 3-PW heads in mint condition for this classic. Accepts tip taper shafts $200 delivered CONUS TTDG tour issue s400 3-PW pulls, clean tips,mint! $old TaylorMade SIM2 Max fairway 15* three fairway with the standard Ventus 6 stiff. Hit only a handful of balls - Mint condition! $old
  3. For Sale Rogue Sub Zero 9 degree head in great condition! Tour Issue Serial# TCF18201D0243F $old
  4. For sale or trade TaylorMade SIM2 Max 9.0 loft with the upgraded KBS TD (tour driven) category 3 (60 gram) in stiff flex. The KBS is a $150 upcharge from TM. Includes new OEM SIM2 headcover. Grip is standard TM with one extra wrap. Trade interest is Titleist TSI head or Toulon San Diego. $old
  5. For Sale Nike VRS Covert Forged 2.0 Classic Nike creation still in demand. Has the modern loft setup, standard L/L/L with Golf Pride Align +4 (standard) in great shape. Set includes 9 clubs with minimal wear. Has the standard Nippon NS Pro 950 in stiff flex. Sold
  6. For sale Titleist TS 3 head 10.5 loft with Headcover $old Toulon Design Memphis 34 inches in length with the standard Toulon shaft and a new SuperStroke Tour 1.0 grip. Includes really cool custom headcover $old
  7. For Sale Mizuno iron heads MP60 5 and 6, MP68 7,8,9 and PW Raw in excellent condition, will fit taper shafts $old MRC Diamana Flowerband Shaft is RF50 stiff with the tour issue Callaway adapter, which sets up a little flatter. 44 inches long with the SuperStroke Traction midsize. $165 delivered CONUS MRC KuroKage low balance constant mass 4 thru Gap wedge in105gram stiff flex. Lengths are 37" to 34" Clean pulls from a set of T100s which were 1/4" over standard. Lamkin Sonar Wrap standard+ with 2 extra wraps. $old
  8. For sale Sim Max 9.0 Standard Ventus Blue 6S with Headcover. $old
  9. For Sale TaylorMade SIM driver head Loft is 9.0 with a head weight of 190 grams. MINT condition, No headcover. $old TaylorMade SIM Max fairway 15* loft with the Fujikura Ventus Blue regular flex. Standard length, MINT comdition. Includes headcover. $old Callaway Mavrik driver 9.0* loft with the Rogue 70s MSI shaft. the top of the crown has a smudge on it that I tried to show in the pic. There are NO sky marks on the head. No headcover. $old
  10. For sale TaylorMade SIM Max New driver, 10.5° loft, standard length with the UST Helium 5F4 stiff flex. Standard TaylorMade grip. Including headcover. $old Titleist TS 1 10.5° loft with the exotic VA Composites Drago in regular flex (45 grams). new Golf Pride grip. Length is 45inches. Headcover included. Mint condition. Sold
  11. For Sale or Trade ProForce V2 Fairway shaft with current TM adaptor, 7F4 flex with a new TaylorMade grip. This, of course, is a stiff flex, 42 inches long in mint condition. I'm selling because this shaft is too stout for me so trade interest is in a regular flex fairway with the TaylorMade RH adaptor. Traded
  12. For Sale Titleist TS 3 fairway 15 degree loft with the standard MRC Diamana Red 60 gram in regular flex. Essentially new, includes headcover Vokey SM 8 wedge set 48, 54 and 60 degree lofts at standard length, loft and lie. Has the optional KBS 610 wedge shafts (110 grams) with Titleist 360 grips. Sold TaylorMade TP Collection Ardmore 3 35 inches in length with the original Super Stroke Pistol GTR 1.0 in great shape. Includes H/C Sold
  13. For Sale Sim Max driver, 10.5° with the Ventus Red 6 stiff Velocore 45 inches in length and a fresh TM cord grip. Including H/C $old Sim Max fairway 15° with the Ventus Blue 5 regular. Including H/C Mint condition! $old
  14. FOR SALE: Titleist combo set 4-PW T-300 4 iron and T-100S 5 thru PW with the Project X 5.5 LZ shafts. Grips are Golf Pride Tour Velvet +4 with one extra wrap. Standard L/L/L (38 inch 5 iron) Used for 4 rounds. Sold Titleist TS 2 15 degree fairway Project X HZDRUS 6.0 in standard length. MINT condition with H/C Sold
  15. For Sale: Callaway Rogue 9 degree TOUR ISSUE driver in excellent condition. Shafted with the Mitsubishi Diamana RF (Redboard) stiff flex. Length is 45 1/2 inches. Has a new SuperStroke Traxion midsize grip. $old Raw Mizuno MP60 (5 and 6), MP68 (7 thru PW) combo set in excellent condition, grooves are sharp and clean! Shafted with the Nippon Modus 105 regular flex. Grips are the Tour Velvet Plus 4 with two extra wraps. Standard L/L/L 5 iron is 38 inches. $old
  16. For Sale P 790 2nd gen irons - 5 through PW in MINT condition. Shafts are the newly released Nippon NS 950 neo in regular flex and 1/2 inch over standard. New Tour Velvet Plus 4 grips with one extra wrap. Standard loft and lie. $old UST Mamiya Helium driver shaft with TM adapter. Plays at the standard SIM length of 45.75" and Taylormade standard (Tour Velvet) grip. $old
  17. Hi TM I was recently fitted with the P 760's with KBS $taper lite R shafts. My objective is to add some length to the long end of my set while preserving height so considering a combo with a 4 and 5 iron in P 790. Should I bend the 790's weak or the 760's strong? Should I also use the same $taper shaft? 7 iron ss is about 80 mph Thanks for your support of the WXR community!
  18. For Sale: Titleist 917 D2 10.5 loft with the standard Diamana Red 50 gram in regular flex. has a Winn midsize grip in good shape. 45.5 inches in length. Overall the driver shows very little wear with a clean crown, no headcover. $old Callaway Apex 3 Hybrid 20 degrees loft with the standard Aldila Rogue 95 MSI 85H in stiff flex. Standard length. Club is in good shape with a clean crown. H/C included. $old
  19. Titleist standard length with the OEM standard grip. 9.5 loft with the HZDRUS Yellow Smoke 6.0 STIFF, 60 gram shaft Includes headcover. $olf
  20. For Sale Mizuno MP-18 MMC 5-PW plus Mizuno 50* gap wedge With the Nippon Modus 120 stiff flex. Gap has the TTDG wedge flex, all standard L/L/L New in box Sold Mizuno JPX 919 Hot Metal 4-Gap wedge Has the Nippon Modus 105 in regular flex. Standard L/L/L New in box Sold
  21. Fujikura Atmos Black Tour spec flexes are 6s and 6x Project X HZDRUS Smoke Black 6.5 60gram All are standard length in a Cobra driver **$old **
  22. Latest from Callaway... Epic Flash sub zero 10.5 head only New Flash headcover. Good overall condition **$old **
  23. For Sale __TM M3 HL 3 fwy_ 17 degree loft with the Fujikura Pro 65 shaft in stiff flex. 43 1/4 inches with a new Super Stroke gray grip (+2 wraps) **Sold _Callaway Epic 5 fwy 18 degree loft with the Aerotech Steelfiber hfs 780 in f4 (stiff) flex. 42 5/8 inches_and a Super Stroke gray grip (+2 wraps) Small paint nick on the trailing edge, repaired with a touch up paint. Headcover included. **$80 delivered CONUS** _Scratch 60*_ Has the upgraded Shimada "Tour mid" shaft with a new grip (+2 wraps) The back of the head is stamped with "AAA" apparently indicating a custom grind for Ari. 3
  24. Standard length with HZDRUS Smoke 6.0 and 60 gram shaft. $old. cdn.net/6024507/uploads/editor/rm/uhqlrrmwu028.jpg "")
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