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  1. I'm pretty sure I don't get tickets to either.
  2. I was really a farmer, and an air compressor is one of the handiest tools you can have. Regripping with air is about the easiest task you can do to a golf club, and you might need to pump up a tire.
  3. He's 45 in December, iffy back, he's not going to just fire it up next year. Doubt that the Masters will be a romp.
  4. Kochia weeds in the rough. Google them, farmers call them iron weeds. They will grow to chest high, have a stem as thick as BdC's forearms, and will make a shredder beg for mercy.
  5. It may have started when golf courses began to be a selling feature for housing developments.
  6. With no real rough, a wayward drive will end up in the trees, with a pine straw lie. That seems to be tricky for everyone.
  7. Looking at Google map, shuttles would have to run from somewhere, from above, there's not much room for spectators. They can have this tournament early or late, but summer in LV would not be doable.
  8. If you stay at MGM, SC runs about 500, but they limo you to the course, take care of you bag etc. Closed Fri-Sun except for special guests, which I suspect means "big players".
  9. The most interesting thing will be to see what ANGC looks like and how it plays in November.
  10. Learned something new here. Googled Mille watches, had no idea watches could cost that much. If Sergio ruins that watch, Omega will just give him another.
  11. Actually, they never responded, probably went straight to the shredder. Although, there is a black sedan that follows me ....
  12. At the professional level, the simplest solution would be that no player can use a club longer than 43" and no less loft than 13*. That leaves everyone else alone, cuts down on professional distance, but does wreck the marketing campaign for OEM's.
  13. I wrote them offering to be the token poor guy in the club. They rejected that as well.
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