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  1. As a bright thought, when Alex Smith was hurt, he was in an extremely contaminated environment. In Tiger's case, he got up, ate, worked out, took a shower and put on clean clothes. Maybe his chances for infections have been reduced by his normal activities.
  2. I'm so happy he's trying to be a professional golfer rather than trying to be qb of the Cowboys.
  3. I have a friend who was a legit +3-4 and won a work raffle for a spot in a Tight Lies level pro-am. His pro was some anonymous kid who had driven in a day before. Kid shot 65 on a course where he had one practice round. My friend was very familiar with the course, shot 70 from one tee up, and said watching the kid was very distracting.
  4. Not a fan of the shoes. Re Sanders: 7 looks before swinging, I think I remember Sergio pumping 10 or so times.
  5. JM's parents have some pretty serious money, but his grandfather has old line East Texas oil money. G&F, tacky cheap shot.
  6. Time for a new adapter. If you don't have a puller, any decent shop can do it for you.
  7. PD is in Hutchinson KS. Great golf course, but limited off the course options.
  8. The Concession looks like a miserable member course. One of those places where folks discuss their disasters post-round.
  9. I haven't seen any speculation about TBI, but he undoubtedly had a concussion. That will mess with your brain function.
  10. The real question here is whether a 4 hdcp can take him!
  11. Go to a car parts store and they will likely have some calipers.
  12. To DL's point, every high dollar. custom putter builder should have a shrine to Karsten Solheim in their shop.
  13. Not a tiny SUV, and the engine compartment is designed to push the engine down and under the car rather than back into the cab in a head on. Tiger rolled the car and hit a tree as well. Tiger may have been speeding, spilled a cup of hot coffee in his lap just before it all went bad. It was early morning.
  14. Looked at some better pics in WaPo. Pretty clear that Genesis makes a good solid car.
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