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  1. Wonder what it's like to belong to a club that can spend any amount of money it wants, any time it wants.
  2. No, that's a HUGE rattlesnake, and as old as me.
  3. I saw that happen when a newbie ran a mower into a pond. Panicked and forgot how to get it into reverse.
  4. A. Your mind, your mind! B. As soon as I saw that posted, I thought, "that was so bad".
  5. Had the same problem, and, yes, it is annoying. It's like the mouth stretches to go over the butt and stays stretched.
  6. I saw Paul Revere and the Raiders live in 1964. With The Standels (Dirty Water) and The Guiloteens. To this day, one of the best concerts I've ever attended.
  7. To be fair, at some time GP may have said: "Man, I met this guy, Richard somebody? What an a**. Liked his wife though, she was a doll".
  8. The man was a superb ballstriker, great putter, fantastic short game and one of the half-dozen or so all time great sand artists. Maybe a little shorter than avg for his time, but not long. Interpolating his game to today, no way to guess. He was a fierce competitor, not afraid of anyone or intimidated by anyone. I saw him at his prime, the man could play, he would be in the running in every major, so he might nab 9 majors.
  9. Wait, that's a thing?
  10. When you miss the net, you will be amazed at how many times the ball ricochets. Speaking from experience.
  11. And where is Aaron Baddely these days?
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