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  1. A "hat in hand" mention would be entirely appropriate.
  2. Good story, and you know the golf gods are laughing hysterically.
  3. An oversize Winn weighs 51 gms. Get one, put it on your favorite club and see if it helps with the pain. I question that your grip pressure makes two fingers sore. I did a lot of rough carpentry, sometimes my right forearm would get a little sore, but never just two fingers. You may need to check in with an orthopedist.
  4. Never understood why MJ was around. Not a good team guy, delighted in destroying teammates in practice and not any sort of elite level player.
  5. Saw John Sebastian solo after the spoon breakup. One of the most engaging guys I've ever seen on stage.
  6. I'm 71 and 65 seems to have been the magic number. Major neck surgery reduced my range of motion, a little arthritis, it all adds up.
  7. Again, what gamesmanship did Phil exhibit that threw BK off his game?
  8. farmer has no sympathy for MTLJeff. farmer has never had access to a Demo Day.
  9. This sounds like a rep/retailer problem, not a Ping problem. Will any OEM sell little individual parts? PXG with the little screws?
  10. I have a few issues with ANGC and the Masters, but it will be a major as long as golf is played.
  11. You can try so many things that you lose the tree in the forest. Worst case if you buy the ,ahem, soft shaft is it doesn't work, sell that shaft and get another.
  12. All of these guys need to be practicing foursomes. Solheim Cup and the Ryder Cup, we always get blistered in foursomes.
  13. Somewhere, in the background, "Money for Nothing" is quietly playing.
  14. I hate the format because it's ... stupid. My interest would be piqued if the tournament was played on a HOF course, or a beast of a course. I'm waiting for someone to suggest that the Tour Championship is now our sixth major, Players, of course, being the fifth.
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