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  1. Dubbel, that is so reasonable. Go to your room immediately.
  2. Could a 4 hdcp shoot 85 if given everything to exact center of every green? That's the real question.
  3. -28 might be more birdies than a 4 hdcp makes in a month.
  4. Yep, you have it pretty much nailed. If it's not cartels, it's rustlers and horse thieves.
  5. An actual full time professional farmer/rancher.
  6. I think the two shots is over and entire season, not per round or tournament.
  7. The hospital did blood work before Tiger was taken into surgery. They do this so the anesthesia doesn't go wonky because of other substances in the system. That information is covered by HIPPA, and would require a warrant to obtain. I don't know what happened but things happen very fast at 85 mph on a street. It may be as simple as spilling a cup of coffee in his lap. As a disclaimer, this is what happens in Texas. YMMV.
  8. Give the single his hdcp or what you determine is equitable. Two 15's in a scramble will beat the shite out of a single 15, even if he's scrambling.
  9. Reading about Indian food is making me sweat. I'm leaving.
  10. You might have some mechanical issues that could be tidied up, but a playing lesson focusing on management could be as beneficial, ie, I'm in jail, easy pitch out OR I can hit a fadehook through that little window. Or, dude, you're aimed thirty yards right on every shot!
  11. I took lessons from a pro 50 years ago. He preached about grip and setup. Those are done while standing still, should be perfect every time.
  12. I like Indian food, but get tired of needing a shower. Spicy curry would cause me to become dehydrated.
  13. Henry Picard. 20+ wins, two majors, helped Hogan, did a lot of teaching. As noted above, truly gifted people have trouble relating to the less talented. What they can do unconsciously is not teachable.
  14. I'm allergic to some spice in Indian food. Sweat like a steelworker for days. I'll try that napkin trick.
  15. Played years ago with a bunch of long gone golf buddies, made 8 birdies in 27 holes to clean up all the games. They whined like small children at bedtime as I performed The Dance of Victory. Maybe the most memorable was playing at a tiny, ratty muni in the mountains in NM. A guy asked to join us on the first tee, no problem, but he had a temper that might be mildly described as volcanic. He played poorly, although he looked like he could play. Hit one OB on 17, drove to a barrier fence and threw his whole bag over the fence into a canyon.
  16. Here's the deal. G&F was being sarcastic/tongue-in-cheek. You missed that.
  17. Me and about 10 other people walked 9 holes right along with Gary in a practice round. He put on a clinic and could not have been more gracious. Talked to everyone, answered even stupid questions, told stories, could not have been nicer. Followed Snead in a practice round during the same time frame (early 70's) and he was a dick.
  18. At a regular course, even a very good one, those greens would have caused the members to be chasing down the supt.
  19. BdC said that ANGC was a par 67 for him, so he was 16 over for the tournament. He's going to win some stuff, but he is not the second coming.
  20. There was some insanely good scrambling this week. The sand shot Rose played at 11 might be the best sand shot ever. If YJS can get his driver consistently under control, he's back. As an aside, when I was Zalatoris age, I was just about exactly the same size. More hair, though.
  21. Mmm, Amanda! Someone posted way early that the pins were brutal, they were right.
  22. When Lee played, outside caddies were not allowed. Angelo didn't get to go with Jack, no one had their own caddie until the 80's. Lee wasn't made welcome, maybe, but the shoe thing was to make a statement.
  23. IIRC, Lee chose to change shoes in the parking lot.
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