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  1. I'm sure Phil is devastated. "Lanny, who?"
  2. IIRC, the biggest complaint from non-players at CB was that it is not spectator friendly. A 5mi slog over sand dunes and poor viewing angles makes for a long day. The greens issues could probably been solved if the USGA had waited 2-3 years, at least according to posters who have played CB.
  3. Playing in a 4 man tournament had to go off in a 12 some. Horseraces with 20. In the 12 group, we were all tied for the lead and the organizers couldn't figure out what to do, so, 12 it was.
  4. The Masters and ANGC is the premier spectacle in golf. The powers that be will tweak from time to time, but never will they completely alter the flow of the course.
  5. Back in the day, guys like George Archer and Cary Middlecoff struggled with finding good drivers. Long enough to fit-too heavy to play.
  6. Green is looking good, by this time next year, you'll be tired of the drop-ins. Pics were awesome, Texas leaves just become a depressed looking brown.
  7. My big time AM station was KOMA out of OK City, but we could only get it at night.
  8. "Midnight Confessions", The Grass Roots. "Evil Woman", Spooky Tooth.
  9. Your wife is a saint.
  10. My home course would be considered a goat track. Our fairways are native grass and cannot be mowed tight enough to allow playing the ball down, so in the fairway it's always preferred lies. To topic, playing for fun, if the guy has more fun rolling it over, say nothing.
  11. Kuch tips the caddie 130k, everyone loves him, then the caddie goes home and discovers the local cartel guys have kidnapped his family. Not gonna happen for 5k.
  12. If Google is correct (would the web lie?) NetJets has a variety of options, for limited use, it's 25 hours at 5k per hour. DJ probably flies for free, but not everybody can afford the private jets.
  13. If you stuffed the head with yarn or cotton balls, I wonder if the sound would be muted? As to ROBO, he posted a video of him going 170 on a motorcycle and doing a WHEELIE! That may have been in the old Bombsquad days, but it was insane!
  14. The real question is whether a 4 hdcp can afford to be on tour.
  15. Serious question, even though it looks trollish. How long and how much does it take to bowl a game?
  16. Having some buddies in camo hiding in the bushes tells me that the idiot airhorn guy was hoping for a confrontation. "Hey, let's go beat up some wimpyass golfers!" Obviously, the best course of action for the golfers would have been to move on, call the pro shop and let them deal with the morons.
  17. You should wait until you have a problem on the course before complaining.
  18. Foursomes. These guys play four ball in practice rounds, singles all the time, but foursome play is a strange and exotic creature.
  19. Making a better swing? Better fit? You were mostly drunk and just thought you hit them better?
  20. Saw some comments about Matthew Fitzpatrick being mentally wrecked after today, so what happened?
  21. It looked like Bryson bought in all the way. If he will now spend a lot of time not talking, he can resurrect his image.
  22. OT, but the last two times I've played, I found brand new TM LDP Red and Black. Wish I could track down who's still got them. I have liked Chrome Soft.
  23. JJ Cale again, "After Midnight", totally different than the Clapton version. "Blue Eyes Cryin' in the Rain", Eva Cassidy does an acoustic version that will break your heart.
  24. You don't want to weld an iron. It's too much heat. I don't know if tungsten welds the same as steel, you might get into some exotic requirements.
  25. Watching BdC today modified, to some extent, my distaste for him. Engaging and fully involved, different vibe entirely.
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