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  1. To have you guys know, I have refunded $125 to LittlePingMan for the mishap with the shaft, which I accepted full responsibility for. I honestly did not know there was an extension put in and never meant to be dishonest or cause any harm.
  2. No funds means no funds. Not that its any of your business about my financial status, Im getting ready to move to Thailand with my wife and newborn and don't have the extra money to refund him if I don't first sell my new driver. Thanks for your input and involvement.
  3. I agree, he should be kicked off the forum and lose all of his privileges. That however, wouldn't do much good , as he is moving to Thailand in a couple weeks and has no need for this forum any longer. To have you all know, I am genuinely trying to work things out directly with littlepingman. If you check my feedback on here and ebay, I am a reputable seller. I really don't need you XXXXXXXs messaging me and telling me what to do. I wish littlepingman would have tried to work with me privately instead of making this post and creating such a stir. To clear a few things up: The
  4. ---nippon ns pro r shafts-----grips/heads still in plastic!--- BRAND NEW! Cobra 2009 FP II Iron Set 4-GW - Nippon NS PRO 1050H Regular Shafts ALL Grips and Heads are STILL IN PLASTIC!!! Standard L/L/L Matching Serials! $350 shipped obo Open to trades for other iron sets FAST PRIORITY SHIPPING
  5. sell or trade *** amazing condition ***THIS IS A BOMBER!!!!!!! SELL OR TRADE COBRA S9.1 PRO S DRIVER 10.5 DEGREE MIYAZAKI KUSALA BLACK 72X same shaft as Vijay Singh! FLEX CODE - 5667 EXTRA STIFF FLEX 44.25" in. LENGTH GP Tour Wrap 2G White GRIP OVERALL in VERY VERY GOOD CONDITION! 9.8/10 HEAD COVER INCLUDED $220 Shipped or Trade for Another Driver w/ Exotic Shaft PM me with Offers!!!
  6. Weird. I have this same set and hybrid in my bag! GLWS
  7. let's move these beauties!Macgregor Pro CM Iron Set - 3-PW - 3-7 iron are cavity back - 8-PW are blades Good Condition 8/10 (Gunmetal shows slight wear, heads are clean and show light bag chatter) - DGS300 shafts (bands removed) - Stock DD2 grips $225 shipped
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