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  1. I wanted to see if anyone could give me a tip to graphic measurement for a uncut Accra iSeries Tour 110i iron shaft. The length from tip to first silver band would work. I bought a set of irons with these shafts installed and wanted to confirm the flex. I’m sure the measurement would be the same for the 90i and 100i so that would work too.
  2. -Ping G410 LST 9 head in mint condition, no marks at all. Only hit about 20 balls and no range balls. Weights 198gr. Comes with headcover and wrench. $290 shipped. SOLD I removed all grips to show there are no extensions except for Tour Ad. I can remove it if it’s needed to be proven it doesn’t have one either. I can remove any adaptors if not needed and cut to certain lengths Please Notice: the Tensei Pro Blues have G400 adaptor and the 2 hybrids are G410 adaptor -Hzdrus Yellow 76g 6.5 flex 43.5” $85 shipped -Tensei Pro Blue 60 TX 42 7/8” with no grip, tipped 1.25” and has Ping G400 ad
  3. Thank you Howard for starting the topic. I always wondered this. I have a Mitchell Shaftboard and a 60 degree Golfsmith shaft measuring board and the Mitchell measures 1/4” shorter than the Golfsmith. I would like to know how they all do their measurements.
  4. I have seven different Graphite Design Tour AD DI for sale. If you need more info on a shaft, let me know because I have just giving basic specs for these. The order is from top of the pic to bottom. They are all Tour AD DI. There are no extension on any of these shafts and I can remove the grip to prove if necessary. $125 each shipped. 1. Black 7x. Raw no grip 43 3/4”. Tipped 1.50” SOLD 2. Black 8x with Lamkin 360 grip. 43 3/8” no tipping. SOLD 3. Black 7s stiff with Tour Velvet 360 grip and TaylorMade adaptor. Tipped .75” SOLD 4. Orange 7s with New Decade grip. 41 9/16” tipped 1/2”. SOL
  5. KING F9 SPEEDBACK DRIVER CUSTOM Color Satin Black / Avalanche Hand Right Loft 9.0 Shaft Flex Option Graphite X-Stiff Shaft Fujikura ATMOS TS Black 7 (Black) - Graphite X-Stiff (S ... Shaft Fujikura ATMOS TS Black 7 (Black) - Graphite X-Stiff (Suggested Shaft) Shaft Length STANDARD Grip Type Standard Grips (Cobra Connect Not Included) Grip Golf Pride - MCC Plus4 - Grey - Midsize Grip Options +2 WRAPS (1/32”)
  6. I tried to send you a message and it’s says you can’t receive any. I’m getting messages from others so it’s working.
  7. All prices shipped to US lower 48. First PayPal to [email protected] gets it. -G400 MAX 10.5 head has a few scrapes that I've shown in the pictures. Looks fine from address. I touched up the marks with a sharpie so it blends in. Head weighs 202g without adapter. No headcover. $250 shipped Sold -G400 LST 10 head in good condition has a few small marks but nothing major. 198g w/o adaptor. $225 shipped -Taylormade 2017 M1 10.5 tour issue head. Head is in good shape just normal wear. Head weights 196g without adaptor. I don't remember the other specs. Comes with headcover $150 shipped.
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