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  1. As someone who gets caught up with mechanical thoughts, I often find myself going back to the Clear Key method started by the late, great Carey Mumford. Sadly, Carey's domain, clearkeygolf.com, has recently been taken over/purchased and it's next to impossible to find his teachings beyond a couple of blog posts and podcast episodes. Does anyone happen to have access to Carey's books The Double Connextion and The Putting Book?
  2. Haven't been fit there yet, but I do know a few details: • David Orr's stepson, Jake, has taken over fitting duties. • Orr is one of the most knowledgable putter instructors in the game (has worked with some of the best players in the world). I'm sure he's taught his stepson a thing or two. • The putter fitting facility is pretty sweet. They have a ton of heads/shaft/grip combinations + they'll measure your stroke with Sam Putt Lab • If you're interested in instruction that also includes putter fitting, I'd hit up David Orr's website, Flatstick Academy. He offers multiple lesson packages that take place at Pine Needles.
  3. Thanks, Monte. Here's the full video that includes a face-on angle (shortly after the DTL view). Really curious on how to clean this up.
  4. Lack of arm depth? What's a good way to work on that?
  5. Hey everyone, Long story short, I've always struggled with a buckle in my left knee post-impact as well as too much separation in the knees through the hitting area. Does anyone have any thoughts on how I can work on fixing this? Attached is a video of me hitting a 3/4 7 iron while trying to work on limiting the gap between my knees.
  6. @gotaholen1 Yes, only visible once the pocket is unzipped. No issues with the bag's exterior.
  7. All prices include shipping to US and OBO. No trades, please! Stitch SL1 in navy. It's in really great shape, but it does have a defect. The lining inside the bag's left large pocket is torn at the seam (pictured). I'm sure it could be patched up with the right materials. The bag also features an emblem from the Devon Horse Show. The horse within the logo has since been scraped off. SOLD.Stitch Bonesman knit hybrid headcover in Carolina Blue/Navy/White. Brand new in plastic. Retails for $78. $55.Stitch Contender knit hybrid headcover in Navy/White. Brand new in plastic. Retails for $78. $55.Stitch leather driver headcover in Carolina Blue/White. Features a Devon Horse Show logo. Brand new without plastic. Retails for $78. $55.Stitch Monte Carlo leather putter blade headcover in Navy/White. Brand new without plastic. Looks like Stitch doesn't make this design in a blade style anymore. Retails for $68. SOLDCleveland Smart Square TFI Halo CB. Possibly the easiest putter to line up. Barely used and in great shape. Features a Super Stroke Flatso 2.0 XL with a 75 gram countercore weight. 37 inches. No headcover. SOLDLet me know if you have any questions! Thanks for looking.
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