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  1. These turned out great! Keep up the great work!
  2. No - because If that was the case, I’d win almost every drop. I have not won a single drop in 4-5 months. (Golf + regular Jordan releases) Nike said the more you interact with the App is how you get better chances at winning. The more releases you enter the better your overall chances for future releases. I still have not found that to be true.
  3. Picked up a pair of the Military Blue IVs on StockX for a reasonable price. I’ll still try for a pair next week but the way my luck has been with Nike/Jordan releases I was okay with paying to ensure I got a pair.
  4. The TW ‘20 has been my go to this season. It takes about 2-3 rounds to break them in, but after that they feel great. Have a few backup pairs that I picked up when they were in stock in my size and had to put my spin on them. This is my latest pair I did.
  5. 25+ years as a Sneakerhead and NEVER paid resell prices.. Until the Retro Jordan Golf line... here’s my 4th pair that I had to pay resell on.. oh well! now the debate is leave them as is, or customize them!
  6. The brand of adhesion promoter I’ve been using. Switched it up to see if I notice a difference.
  7. Working on a few new techniques, so tried them on an old pair of TW ‘14s before and after
  8. I had too many issues with real “no show” sliding down as well, so I went with the Stance no show with the back heel tabs and haven’t looked back!
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