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  1. In a "pure" swinging motion, the clubhead should travel in an arc at the beginning of the BS. The hands are also traveling in an arc. This allows the club head to stay "outside" the hands until P2 (shaft parallel), but inside the target line. The main problem with the "too inside" is the clubhead getting behind and below the hands prior to P2. As an older (78.5 yrs) golfer, I find it much easier on the body to let the clubhead swing in a natural arc as it follows the turning of the core (hips and shoulders together) at the start of the takeaway. Your mileage my vary.
  2. John, Dr. McGill has several books out. Which one do you think is best?
  3. If the straightening of the trail arm is a significant power source in the swing (not sure if most significant), the question is when to apply this force. If max hand speed (handle speed) should be reached earlier rather than later, then I would tend to believe that applying this force from the straightening of the trail elbow should be sooner rather than later. The "release" in the golf swing is a much debated term. However, testing has shown that hand (handle) speed decreases as the club head speed increases during "release". Whether "release" should be "active" or "passive" is subject to much debate. Much has been said about "parametric" acceleration during release - "pulling up" on the handle (rising of lead shoulder coupled with straightening of the lead leg) as a way to increase speed. I think that any late "straightening" of the elbow contributes little to speed and is more a result of the pull of the accelerating club head. Flame suit available if needed. Bruce
  4. The drill that Rory does shows a quick straightening of the right arm. AMG tests show that getting early hand speed is important to getting max chs later. Unbending the right elbow early would seem to help in getting early hand speed.
  5. See Tom Tomasello for starting the swing by turning the lead hand in conjunction with extending the trail wrist.
  6. Noticable difference in sound and feel from the Titleist. Hit several good drives with it. Not one of my better days on the course, so I am looking forward to giving it several more rounds of testing before I feel I can give a good comparison.
  7. My son & 2 daughters got me a new SIM 2 driver that arrived yesterday and I will give it its first go tomorrow. My current gamer is a Titleist 917D2, 9.5 set at C3 (+.75, draw bias). 45", Diamana Red 50, S Flex. SIM2 10.5, 45", Tensei AV Raw Blue 60, R Flex At 78.5 yrs with some mild physical issues (moderate lower back pain and arthritic left hip), I can still get close to 90 mph on my good swings. Can carry the Titleist 220 ish on center hits, but my misses tend to be low on the clubface which knocks my carry down quite a bit at times. Hdcp is in low single digits (former SR. Tour Player back in the mid 90's. Hoping the additional loft and softer shaft will up my carry on both good hits and misses. Bruce
  8. On fed ex truck out for delivery today. Rain tomorrow, so will have to wait till Wednesday to tee it up.
  9. I was 4 spotting for the Boone Valley Classic (Sr Tour) in 96 at Missouri Bluffs GC. Decided to hover during my warm up and took it to the course. 5 under 67 for low qualifier. 1st practice round at tournament course, 6 under 66. 1st tournament round of 67 but then faded with 73 and 74 to tie for 32nd. Never stuck with it though. Not sure why I didn't.
  10. Was paired with him several times back in the 90's. Lots of rumors about ties to the mob.
  11. For us older folks - JIM KING must be back to Monday qualifying.
  12. Kids (son & 2 daughters) are getting me SIM2 driver. On order, but won't get it till early July, custom order.
  13. Would you agree that in order to move rhe hands DTL one would have to separate the lead arm from the chest? My feeling of swinging left is to let the back and upward movement of the lead shoulder pull the hands up and around from P6 causing the club head to move down and out. Bruce
  14. Website now shows lateJuly for that custom order. Thanks for the replies.
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