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  1. Play it before you commit if you never have. Not many people have good things to say about the design. It probably grows on you once you learn where you can hit it.
  2. Courses are open but brewery tours, Grants Farm and Warm Springs Ranch are all currently closed.
  3. AZ Golf Works in Tempe? Not sure but probably worth a call.
  4. File a complaint with your credit card company that item was never received. Seller is responsible for the item until buyer receives it. Shipping company is an agent of the seller. Insurance and signature required deliveries are to protect the seller, not the buyer.
  5. I have a handful of Dunning shirts and they are about identical to Peter Millar regular fit.
  6. There are only more bowlers than golfers because they count anyone that goes bowling. It would be like golf counting anyone that played miniature golf with a loaner putter as a golfer. The golf equipment industry is exponentially bigger than bowling. TGW does more business than all the online bowling retailers combined. Bowling manufacturers measure their sales in tens of millions. Golf manufacturers measure in billions.
  7. Sorry, no idea about courses in Oklahoma but it looks like you've gotten a few suggestions. I've done three cross country moves and have dogs that have seen more of the country than most people.
  8. It's not like the whole town is under water like the news would like you to believe. Just don't wear your new white shoes. Your ball will go just as far in Albuquerque as it will in Denver. So unless you have your heart set on playing in Colorado do yourself a favor and take the shorter route. As someone that used to joke that I wouldn't even get the car warmed up driving from Phoenix to Los Angeles or Las Vegas, there is a huge difference physically between driving 8 or 9 hours and 12.
  9. Save yourself 3 hours of driving and go through OKC from St. Louis to Phoenix instead of going through Colorado. There are more corn field in Kansas and eastern Colorado than anyone needs to look at. St. Louis to Denver to Albuquerque in 2 days with 2 rounds of golf is not a practical plan.
  10. We have done a few big cross country moves that were part of a relo package. Those get a little better price because they go into a system and get bid upon, and coast to coast moves are what the moving companies are looking for. Sacramento to Hartford, CT was about $16k for the tax paperwork. I got quotes when we went from Hartford to Roanoke, VA between $13-21k that was not part of a relo package. We had a little more furniture at this point and a plow and a zero turn. I looked at the guy that quoted $21k and told him for 21 thousand I would burn my stuff and start over. That move I end
  11. For the next few months keep a log of EVERYTHING that you eat, including calories and grams of carbs. Then you will be able to look back and see how your body reacts to different foods.
  12. Definitely not trolling. I'm not creative enough to come up with something like this on my own. Cart fees are included in our dues so not a revenue scheme. I've lived and played all over the country. This was a first for me.
  13. Our club is cart path only for the winter. Once the zoysia goes dormant we are on the paths til it greens up. A guy who showed up last week to walk with a push cart was told the push cart was also restricted to the paths. I thought our head pro was just trying to get a rise out of the guy, but turns out he was serious. Anyone else have such rules where they play? I've never heard such a thing before.
  14. We have moved 5 times in the last 13 years. 4 full service relos and 1 on my own (3 cross country and 2 of about 800 miles, so big moves). If you are going to rent a truck and drive it, hire some guys to load it for you. They will layer the load so it can actually get across the country without becoming a giant pile of boxes and they will fit twice as much into the truck as you will, especially if you have never done a big move like this. 3 or 4 guys will load a 1600 sf house in 5 or 6 hours or so. Buy some shrink wrap and get as many blankets as you can with the truck. Make sure the boxe
  15. Most people want to retire someplace warmer than Flagstaff, it's really much cooler than people think. It would be a great place to spend the summer, if you could go down the hill for the winter.
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