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  1. Honestly, I don't care what a club looks like as long as it will fly. But, I do prefer black matte for my driver. I will try this out (I use PXG irons) but this Driver at first look better go a lot longer and straighter then the Ping 425, which might be pretty difficult to do.
  2. Hello all - Selling my Brand New Vessel 2.0 Stand Bag. Took out of box just to take pictures. Only reason why I am selling is I got two of them. All the Stand bags from Vessel are sold at at this time and the only thing I saw on FleaBay is 400+ 40 in shipping. Will do 350 shipped and will also throw in the Vessel Golf Towel that is pictured.
  3. Sold, but when 20% of your polo's have pink, it is pushing the limits. Ha, but worth it for the little one.
  4. Hello all - I have a large G/Fore Polo I bought during their sale last year. I never wore the thing, but tried in on and tore out the extra button when I was trying it on. It as been worn/tried on and hung up in the closet, but never wore on the course. My daughter bought me another pink polo for father's day and you can only have so many pink polo's (her favorite color is pink). 55 shipped (paid 80, original 125)
  5. Great seller here! One of the best I have dealt with on the site
  6. My exact set up that I have been using for a few years and I have hit everything and nothing is as straight and forgiving as this. GREAT deal for anyone in the market.
  7. Lets go 150 shipped for the cover and 30 shipped for the Snapback.
  8. I have two or three covers that I love but the Velco is out. I would love to get these replaced with a magnetic closer if all possible. Does anyone know anyone that does this type of service?
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