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  1. Hey, Has anyone played Torrey North since it reopened? How is it? Decent shape? thanks
  2. Thanks everyone. All booked, looking forward to the trip.
  3. Hi! Anyone seen a particularly good place to utilize this deal? Free shipping, other discounts? Thanks
  4. Hey, Looking at a buddies trip to Bend in late May. Wondering if that is a good time to go? Are the courses usually in good shape or are they better in late summer? Thanks
  5. Thanks everyone! 4 of us are going. The Cougars are on the road that weekend....so no complications there. I found a few hotels that have stay/play deals with Circling Raven and Palouse Ridge. Any other advice would be appreciated.
  6. Thanks! Where can I find deals? Are they on golfnow/teeoff ?
  7. Hi, planning a buddies trip to Coeur d'Alene in early September. We are probably going to fly in/out of Spokane. We are playing at Circling Raven and CDA, Just trying to decide between Palouse Ridge or The Idaho Club. Any advice or guidance? Any other places we should be looking at? Thanks!
  8. jp7249

    Gamble Sands

    I stayed on property and paid $300 for 2 rounds and a shared 2 bed hotel room. We played another round for $75 replay rate.
  9. jp7249

    Gamble Sands

    I have family in Seattle so flew there....then just short of a 4 hour drive. Southwest is flying to/from Spokane nowadays too....its less of a drive from there. With only 18 holes, I think most would be happiest adding another couple tracks. Last year we played in Suncadia on the way out and one round at Bear Mountain. If youre staying in SEA area, there are plenty of good options (Gold Mountain, Chambers, Wash Nat, Salish, etc)
  10. jp7249

    Gamble Sands

    Just back from 54 holes at GS. Played 36, stayed on property, then played early 18 before heading out of town. Overall a wonderful experience. The course was in great shape, service was good, and we were happy with the hotel. The course is simply beautiful and fun. You can hit driver on all 4s/5s, get creative on 3s, and lose no golf balls. The more you play it (this was my second trip) the more creative you can be. Greens were pure, a bit slow on Monday, but sped up on Tuesday. Really enjoyed playing in different wind conditions, the holes change so much. Cant wait to get back. We enjoyed all the food/drink. Like Bandon they arnt interested in price gouging. Beers were $5 and a nice steak dinner was reasonable. Service was competent and warm. They let us check in early so we could head out to play. Everyone was friendly but never forced or disingenuous. I hope they build another course or two ASAP.
  11. fyi, those Costco $60 tee times at Salish are back: https://www.costco.com/West-Tacoma-Golf-Package-Two-Rounds-eCertificate%2c-Washington.product.100490562.html
  12. Last year when I spoke to someone in the shop at Gamble they told me some golf association (PacNW? Wash State?) members had a deal for $99 rounds early in the week. Does anyone know about this? I'm trying to see if they will have the same promotion this summer. Thanks
  13. As low as $56 for blue or black ones. Great deal
  14. $129.99 https://www.costco.com/CaddyTek-Golf-Laser-Rangefinder%2c-CaddyView-V2-%2bSlope.product.100419508.html
  15. $80 for Ecco Cage https://www.tgw.com/ecco-mens-cage-evo-golf-shoe https://www.tgw.com/ecco-mens-biom-cage-golf-shoes-p62931--1
  16. others in the running..... journey at pechanga cross creek golf club of california woodson
  17. How were the courses around Chelan? Looks like we may do a family trip there next summer
  18. Chambers was great. Amazing how the course played in late December. Staff was top notch, good pace of play, and wonderful views. Thanks for the guidance. Merry xmas!
  19. Sounds good, thanks. Booked Chambers for Thursday from teeoff...nicely discounted rate.
  20. Hi friends, I am coming up from SoCal for the holidays and have time for a round up in the Tacoma area...anyone play Chambers or Salish recently? Which one is in better shape for a round just before xmas. Thanks for any help/guidance, James
  21. Hi friends, Anyone ever played Jug Mountain? We have a guys trip in September and it looked like a good option if we were starting in Boise. Whats the course like, is there enough to do in McCall? Any other recommendations course wise/beer food wise? We are gonna spend Fri and Sat in Boise, but wanted to do a couple rounds. White Tail looks great, but a bit pricey. Thanks
  22. Looks like you have to actually click on the picture to see the other posted yardage
  23. Its always been a favorite of mine...such a fun design. But yesterday's round was crazy. I think they only have 3 people working the shop, snacks, and outside services. The same person who checked me in made my food...at noon on a busy Friday....and the yardage markers were off. Almost like someone purposefully moved markers to incorrect spots...on many of the holes. I get the brown spots with the water shortage, but there is no reason for the markers to be so far off.
  24. hahahha....they only had it for the past few years. Well, I guess I will play the other courses when I am up there in a few weeks
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