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  1. I used to be on this forum all the time, played golf 70-100 rounds a year, had +2.8 handicap. As of today, haven't hit a golf ball since July 2019 and those 18 holes were the first I played in about 14 months before that. Life happened and priorities changed. I still love the game, but just haven't been able to find time to play, practice or even dust off my bag (sitting on a shelf in the garage under some 2x4s).
  2. Hi Tai - I've been gone for probably 3 years from GolfWRX. I don't really play golf anymore - just got busy with other stuff. Anyway, thought I'd look for your WITB. Don't care about your clubs, but hope your family is well ... the last time I was on here, I think you were expecting your first child. Hope all is well. Mark
  3. I haven't been on GolfWRX for years, but I'm still rocking Titleist 915 D4 with Oban Proto V430 X flex
  4. Worldwide Golf Shops (includes Roger Dunn, GolfMart, Golfer's Warehouse, Edwin Watts, Uinta Golf) gift card valued at $795.68. Can be used online or in store (I can send you the code by PM and you can use immediately online) ... asking $700 (14% SAVINGS)
  5. *** As of 1/29, all below still available *** Pictures tell the story. NO TRADES please. 1. 680 raw blades (4-PW) with new Modus3 Tour 125 stiff and new tour velvet "align" black/red grips (STD LLL, D3 swing weight) .... asking $529 2. Scotty Cameron MilSpec putter 35" 330g, absolutely amazing condition for age with original Pro Platinum finish, milling, paintfill, and PP headcover. Comes with fresh "tour only" Cameron cord-no-cord black grip with white lettering ($75 value alone) ... asking $250 3. Worldwide Golf Shops (includes Roger Dunn, GolfMart, Golfer's Warehouse, Edwin Wat
  6. Where does one bind for sale on facebook?
  7. There is another version of the Teryllium, called the GenX (short run, so may be hard to come by) I thought you were going with Newport only, not Newport Beach There are two version of the Mil-Spec and four weight/length specs in each, so that's eight Newport putters right there.
  8. Whoa ... those MBs have had the sweet spot struck by someone who knows how to golf their ball. Nice!
  9. Love my TS3 ... very very good driver. I was surprised honestly.
  10. These 680 MB raw irons are awesome, but needed quite a bit of lead tape to get to D3 when I installed Modus3 125S shafts with GP Tour Velvet Align grips at standard length.
  11. MilSpec putter, TS3 and 917F2 fairway The rest of the bag has been pretty constant
  12. Byron's putter head milling is outsourced. He then receives them (roughly milled) and then he starts his work to soften edges by hand in his shop on his sanding belt, hand stamps them, torches or finishes them to the customer spec, then shafts them up, does the loft/lie, grips, paintfill and then ships them. At least you know Byron himself is the person holding that putter to the sanding belt when he's putting that Tai treatment on that head. The mill design though is IP to the putter designer, so it's not like he just gets heads from some place in China and gets whatever they ship him. Ju
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