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  1. Wondering if anyone else has used one of the Zero Friction Laser Pro SM Rangefinders.
  2. I have a buddy that’s plays the MIM wedges. They are very good and soft.
  3. Does he still use counterbalance weights in his driver? Saw a backup driver in the Taylormade Tour Truck back in 2012 and it was super heavy.
  4. I love the look of the chalk center shaft and wanted it as soon as saw pics on Instagram. From the get go it was only going to be a back up. I played 2 9’s with it and probably will never make my gamer. The MyCustom Spider Tour (all orange) is the best putter I have owned. If I ever decide to get rid of it I’ll let you know.
  5. I prefer the Spider as for me the feel and performance is the best. I have tested a lot of putters in my years in the golf business. I love the look of the Ping Anser and the many models from other companies. It’s hard to not take advantage of the MOI in the mallet putters that are available. Extra help in alignment is also a big in making more putts for me. I prefer site lines for help. The Pure Roll insert gives me the feel I like and the faster the greens are the more putts I make. I currently game the MyCustom Spider Tour in all orange with double sight lines. I’ve made more putts with this putter than I can remember. I have also just got a Spider X Chalk Center shaft which I will try but not sure it can knock out my gamer. I’ve always liked the center shaft look even had a red Spider Tour center shaft that I liked but being a Clemson Tiger fan could not stand the Gamecock color putter head. Lol Here are pictures of both
  6. For us normal golfers has anyone compared the Evenflow Black to the Hzrdous Smoke Green in the 6.0 flex.
  7. It's big to make a cut in a Major. True to the statement Play Your Best. Great to see Marty play well.
  8. Ping Eye 2 (older I know but I bought used in 1991) Callaway X-12 Pro Series Ping G400
  9. Just a reminder that Taylormade is not going to be there. I'm interested in new grip offerings from Golf Pride, Lamkin, Winn and Superstroke.
  10. The Duo Professional is very good. I played the orange on Friday and I really like how it performed. Plan to make this my golf ball for 2019. This is the best Wilson ball I’ve played.
  11. I put the Sigma 2 Kushin C in my bag yesterday. I've used a 34" putter for years and decided to set the Kushin C up at 33". I love the soft feel and cut 4 shots(14 putts) on the greens from my previous 9 I had played with my Vault 2.0 Ketsch(18 putts). The ball rolled very true and held it's line. After making a couple of 10 footers I had a ton of confidence on the putting surface.
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