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  1. To accommodate my semi- inebriated buddy who plays 2 times per decade and brother in law who swings like happy Gilmore who wants to play golf on every other Thanksgiving weekend, I have learned that, instead of letting them hit my clubs, I find it is best to keep a garbage bag of clubs around. Call me a snob, but since they don’t know the difference between a 7 iron and a sand wedge, having a “garbage bag” full of clubs saves me from having to look at sky marks on my driver after a raucous, alcohol-infused round with the buds. My current garbage bag consists of a full set of Adams A3OS
  2. I have owned both 400’s and 410’s. The G400’s feel like the last of the old school pings. The 410’s feel distance oriented and lack something intangible. Not sure exactly what. They just don’t feel as solid as the prior generations. Things change.
  3. If you like the G25’s then try the G400’s. Pretty much the same club with a bit more tech. Both great sets though.
  4. I’d feel naked without a 50* gap wedge in the bag. My favorite club from 80 to 110. From fairway or sand. Would rather drop something from the top end of the bag like a 3 iron. JMO.
  5. Good info. Will look for the CFB logo. Love Mizuno stuff too, so will check it out. Thanks
  6. the strap pass through will keep the clubs from falling out of the cart, but the bottom of the bag slides off the plastic footer tray and the bag starts riding sideways. It’s ok if there are 2 bags in the back, as the 2nd bag keeps it in place. Though nowadays we are only able to have one person per cart.
  7. I’m sure this has been discussed here somewhere, but my searches came up with mostly pushcart solutions. I love my (older) Sun Mountain 4/5 stand bag, but I mostly ride in carts now and it does not sit securely in the back of the riding cart. The base is too narrow and it tends to slide around. It actually fell out of the cart after jouncing around in some rough one time. Looking for recommendations on a hybrid solution so losing my bag is one less thing to think about on the course. No interest in cart bag-only solutions since my practice routines require a stand bag. I know the pros do i
  8. Jason Day’s TM tour Spider. For awhile there it seemed like he never missed with it. I’ve missed a lot but it’s still in the bag.
  9. Does anyone know if it safe to flatten the lie on a Ping Glide 2.0 ? Are these similar to the normal set heads that can be altered slightly? Looking for around 2 degrees. Thanks
  10. A well struck 7 iron goes about as far as my average (poorly struck) 6 iron for me. Maybe due to loft or look at address, I feel more comfortable really going after the 7 versus any 6 iron shot. 6 is more comfortable as a knockdown shot for me. 5 hybrid bridges the gap.
  11. Chalk one up for my ignorance. I had no idea they sold well. As a poster above noted, I have never seen a Rogue iron set in the wild so I just ASSumed. Of course I play at a lot of goat tracks so that might explain it.
  12. You are right. I forgot that it was the Epic..not the Rogue that was the premium line. There are just so darn many.
  13. Or maybe just an interesting marketing experiment by Callaway to test whether PXG’s market strategy was valid? Not commenting on the drivers or woods since I have never hit them. I have demoed the Rogue regular and Pro versions of the irons. It was my experience that the premium priced Rogue regular irons were very similar in performance to the regular XHot and CFS lines, which both seem like really decent GI irons. Either can be had for a significant discount to the Rogue. The Rogue Pro is puzzling in that it seems to fall between the Apex Pro and the Apex Regular (CFS?) but does not have a p
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