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  1. MY back up gamer and time to let it go since I don't get to play as much. This is TM M6 10.5 head with Tour AD BB 6S. Condition of the head is 8/10 and shaft is mint. SOLD insured and shipped CONUS.
  2. My SIM2 MAX w Ventus Velocore Black came in last week. Ordered on 2/20 and was told early May. Came in a couple week earlier.
  3. Thanks. That is what I have been told too.
  4. Orange shaft. I think it is as good as my other hybrid Tour AD DI hybrid with slightly different load and feel.
  5. looking hard on Ping G425. Now I need to get a good shaft in it. All around club.
  6. New BP Logo Masters Shirts Solid white XL. SOLD shipped and insured to CONUS.
  7. Really bad service/communication their part.
  8. Rose was rocking M1
  9. Ordered the driver on 2/20.... I was supposed to get it on early April. Now it says I will get it on early May... I should have gone with other drivers.
  10. Saw Rory hitting some bombs and to the moon iron shots... Hope he gets done this week.
  11. 921F really goes well with most of players.
  12. caller

    2 ball ten

    It's a great putter and I fancy myself getting one. I wish it was a bit heavier. That is the only thing I need to make a purchase.
  13. Taylormade outdoor fitting with Trackman in windy condition really reveled the shaft combos. 1. G400 MAX w/ Tour AD DI 6S as expected, great combo. Mid spin and high launch. 2. M6 w/ Tour AD BB 6S higher spin and not enough carry. Shaft feels stouter than DI. 3. SIM 2 MAX D w/ Ventus Black Velcore 6S Turned it down to 9 degree to open it up and it is straight piercing machine with lower spin. Didn't feel all that stout. Actually in between DI and BB. Ordered this combo on the spot.
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