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  1. excellent point. I went to get fitted last week in Atlanta and was ok with the result. Been playing D3~D4 swing weight and all of sudden my fitter wants me to play D0~D1. Not sure why.
  2. Wow. Perhaps they told me 25 working days. I don't know. I heard 25 days so will verify it.
  3. Went to get fitted w Club Champions ping 210 was longer and amazingly well performed, the spin number was way too low Went with HM Forged. Was told 25 days before I can get it.
  4. Got this 3 weeks ago and center shaft isn't for me. 34" long. 9/10 condition. Put new Golf Pride Tour SNSR black and grey 104cc grip on. Black shaft and black head PXG black leather headcover included. Ship to CONUS by priority mail. $175 shipped to your door. PayPal please.
  5. I hit 921 F a lot at the golf store and love the feel, distance and dispersion. One thing I noticed is lower launch angle and lower spin. Recently changed my swing to have more forward press and it helped my direction of the ball but flight is lower than usual. Still happy with it because it doesn't bring out my blocks and sways. I am going to get fitted at Club champions next week and hope they don't push other brand on me.
  6. caller

    Sweet Rollz Golf

    Same here. It looked cool but not sure how the grip feels and compares.
  7. Hello I just bought a new Bettin Queen B#6 S.B.S putter. I have seen someone here saying he changed out to a blacked out shaft and it looked great. 1. what size diameter shaft do I need to swap out that works for this putter? 2. Which black color shaft do you all recommend? I don't want to spend $200-$300 but something not too cheap and hopefully matte black finish. Thanks
  8. I am going to get fit by Club Champions in Atlanta. Anyone has experience with them? I hope they have all the fitting heads of 921 lines in store.
  9. This is what I will game until it comes back. Picked up with decent pricing and I like it but way too light compare to my gamer.
  10. very good decision. I tried P770 and wasn't even close to 921 Forged as far as the performance and "feel"
  11. Nice! Is 5i and 6i are as forgiving too? I am trying not to get mixed set on 5,6 VS 7~Gap.
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