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  1. I did. there was nothing in it other than his money. now there is nothing.
  2. This transaction was last week! Price was $100 I got 96.80 when I refunded The buyer got his money and I paid nothing. It showed he received the 96.80 plus his fees.
  3. I sold an item on here. Buyer paypalled me the funds. then I discovered I had made an error in description of the item. Notified the buyer and he decided to cancel. I refused the Paypal payment and lost nothing for the fees. the key is to not remove the funds until the buyer has the product and is satisfied. I have never lost paypal fees when refunding.
  4. Give the single TWO shots every stroke but ONLY right after each other on FULL shots. Have the single player putt and chip first and then have both players on the other team putt and chip then let the single take the second putt or chip. Takes some of the familiarity out of the touch shots...
  5. I demo'd a ZX7 in my Recoil shaft and it would not knock out the 765's I have been playing for two years now..
  6. I never said he played Hot metals.. But I do know that.
  7. I am sure there are good fitters but I have seen too many people pay $$$ for fitting and clubs, only to find out they have been taken for a "ride". Fitting is way over hyped. Like PXG and Scotty.
  8. I traded for a Epic flash driver here and it developed a rattle in the head. Called Cally. I had a Mavrik replacement in 5 days. BEFORE I sent the Flash back. They emailed a return label(UPS) and I just sent the FLASH back in the same box. Within a week of it being delivered to t hem they sent an email confirming receipt and thanking ame and apologizing again for the inconvenience.
  9. My carry distance is right in your ballpark... I have a Mavrik 10.5 turned to 9.5 and an Evenflow CAMO 65R. Also game a SLDR 430 12* turned down to 10* with Aldila 2KNV Blue 65 R. both shafts are tipped 1/2".
  10. At that length that seems extremely high for a Swingweight.
  11. I was only referring to blanket statement that unless one has swing speed over 105 MPH they could not play hybrids with a loft of under 22*. I was not commenting on anything about our relative handicaps(which are irrelevant to this conversation. My speed is low, my age is 65 and I have a lower Cap because I rarely use more than 28 putts per round of golf.
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