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  1. Funny I always thought PXG stood for Price Xtra Grand. Or Plenty Xtra Gaudy!
  2. There is also a retail value given!
  3. He just needs less family... After all we all know golf is the most important thing on Earth! Definitely more important than a wife and child.
  4. Anyone get a notification from Augusta about the drawing for 2022 yet?
  5. Logic has nothing to do with it. it is a matter of a golfer's honor. It is a game of integrity, after all.
  6. Not if Golfwrx 5 handicapper is fair and is posting ALL his scores accurately. Then they should be one and the same thing.
  7. Par is an artificial number. tourneys are won by the person taking the fewest strokes. Not being the farthest under par!
  8. I refunded two of my last transactions because of USPS shipping. I got docked .30 each time. I did not have to pay the 2.9%.
  9. I think it depends on the circumstances.. If you are in a match and you know that you probably need to make then you try to make it. If you know that two putts will win the hole... well... you get the idea. In stoke play I always putt the same. Try to make it and leave it within 2-3 feet as I make nearly all of them. I do not change my mentality over a putt in stroke play. I normally will average 27-30 putts per round depending on the number of greens hit. My best score ever was a round with 18 GIRs and 30 putts.
  10. Then not a wormburner... Just a low line drive...
  11. I think if it is rolling it would take a miracle similar to The Sea of Galilee.
  12. One can be a 18 capper and hit the ball 280. Most strokes at that cap level come from 100 yds in.
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