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  1. Or maybe you did not push hard enough...
  2. Parallel tips. trimmed 3/4 inch over standard.
  3. All it requires is one tip weight. How much time can that take? Stock in 80g would be D0. So 1/4" would bring it to about D1.5 I defy you to tell me which would be a 1.5 and which would be a 2.
  4. Well mine told me they could. in fact mine are D1.5
  5. And I thought was the way Reed was perceived here? Excuse me!
  6. I don't know what to tell you but c9 was without anything extra at standard length. Go you know how easy it is to pick up 3 SW point? My fitter said up to D2 with a 70 g shaft. Now put in a 115 gram shaft and see what it bumps to. Easily could be made up to D4 with just a 2-4 gram tip weight.
  7. You obviously have drunk too much of the "kool-ade". Or you need an outlet for your millions!. You opinion is obviously the only one that matters!
  8. You perceive them as a "luxury" item. On what basis. If you can't putt these will not help. and if you can then ...the same is true!. The clubs bought to golf are for that...to Play better. If you have to buy a luxury item to show off then you are out there for the wrong reason. How many clubs that can help or lessons could one get for this 1250 bucks spent for something that does not help one play better.
  9. That is stupidity IMO. Kind of like my realtor telling us that I may need to pay 10K more for than a 150K house is really worth if I want to get it. Sorry NOT going to happen I may WANT that house ,but I don't NEED it!!!
  10. The difference between D2 and D3 is not noticeable for the vast majority of golfers. PXG told me D2 was not an issue for the 70 g shafts I built with. and to go to D3 from there would only require 2 more grams of tip weighting or 1/4" of an inch in length. Not really that difficult.
  11. I'll sell you my 2010 HHR for 90K. It is a one of a kind!!
  12. My swing speed is not much higher than yours...93-95 and I am not young anymore but I still have a cap around 3-5 consistently. My advice is to forget about speed and concentrate on solid contact and also PRACTICE those shot from 100 yds down to 2 feet. Yours scores will come down I can guarantee it!
  13. So tip weight them? The screws are FUGLY IMO. I ordered mine with ascending SWs from D0 - D1.5 They said NO problem. And that was with 70g shafts.
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