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  1. Not increased but definite decreased . My method.... age. But on the other side of things my cap is also down. About as good as it has ever been in 54 years of golf.
  2. How is he saving anything. The clubs are 1/3 the cost. All to save $40 in shipping, if he is right (which he isn't).
  3. The one in my hands for the upcoming shot?
  4. Please post the link to the service that will ship 7 irons and insure them with signature required for $20.
  5. They changed mine after I ordered. No issues.
  6. I have 765's. I just had them bend the 9 and PW and I was good to go.
  7. So for a set of 7 clubs would be less than 9 bucks per club and that kills the deal?
  8. No 5-PW. Don't play a 4 iron. Have a 3 hybrid that I choke for that distance. And I always can shaft up my Z765 4 iron head if I decide to put a 4 in the bag.
  9. I called and they gave the name of the fitter in this area. I know my numbers and gave them to him. It was either the MMT 70 Hardstepped 1.5 times or the 80s soft stepped 1.5 times he rec'd the 70's since I am playing Recoil 660s hardstepped once. Says they should be perfect. If not I can always pull the heads and put my fave Recoils in them.
  10. $545 shipped for this non vet.. Bought a set.... BTW A very large THANX FOR YOUR SERVICE! I truly appreciate it.
  11. I was gonna buy the PXG 0211ST irons a few weeks ago and never got around to it. Whew!! Glad I didn't. Pulled the trigger this afternoon. $75 per iron. People are selling the used ones on here for more.... Got my specs down the minutest detail. Never thought I would ever cross the DARK SIDE and buy PXG but they made the old adage "Every man has his price" a truism...at least in my case. Told me I would have in two weeks at the outside. Not that that will matter in Indiana.
  12. I have a Aerotech Claymore 48G in a 44" 3 wood and love it. I wish I could find a used one for my driver.
  13. Good except there are very few 16.5* heads available in Lefty.
  14. No problem for group I used to play scrambles with. Can only go so far back. We won every scramble we signed up for... The only rules about team makeup was that TWO of the four had to be postal employees. I was the "D " with an 8 cap.
  15. Could send my address to you. And thanx for the Christmas gift! LOL
  16. Where do you live? Could be that the "off" season has started. It has here.
  17. If you can play righty by all means DO IT!!!! I just wish I could have.
  18. I use a 430 with 12* and lower it to 10* already an open bias and the extra makes it difficult at best to turn it over. Love it. The right side is not existent for me except for a really bad swing (lefty).
  19. Did Cally quit making them I have a MD Raw in 64*
  20. Actually the vast majority of those folks were NOT old.
  21. That was not my intent at all. Do you "always" look on the negative side of things?
  22. The TM SLDR sits open. Buy a high lofted on say 12* and lower the lot by 2* and you'll have one that really sits open. I know, Coz I play one.
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