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    Mistakenly bought a cheap projector that is nowhere near bright enough. Any recommendations for projectors under $500? I imagine I’ll need a short throw unit.
  2. Duck canvas at JoAnn’s fabric works pretty well. I use it in front of a net. Just search for a 50% off coupon on google and it will be pretty cheap.
  3. Would you sell the driver cover and a hybrid cover separate from the others?
  4. Thought I read the 2020 mode was new. Could be wrong, though.
  5. I picked up two packs of the three-piece balls today. I’ve never hit them but they are so cheap I figure they can be good practice balls if nothing else. Has anyone played the new three-piece balls?
  6. Headed down this Thursday through Sunday. It’ll be my 13th time (I think) and I’m just as excited for this trip as I’ve been for each of the last 12. Love that place.
  7. Keep in mind there are no major metro areas within 100 miles of Bandon. You’d need to pick one up from someone in Portland or Eugene.
  8. Felt like they showed way more actual golf shots than CBS did last week. It was tolerable to watch which I can’t say for the CBS coverage.
  9. If you think there is no such thing as bad weather you haven’t played Bandon at its worst. By that I mean raining sideways so hard that water comes in through your waterproof rain pants pockets. But when it’s like that it’s kind of fun if you can stay warm enough to laugh about it.
  10. Strokes gained customs is another option.
  11. Best looking irons out there. If I was a decent ball striker I’d pick these up.
  12. EvoIX

    Haywood Golf

    TXG did a review and seemed to like their irons.
  13. A planemate would help you stop flipping. It provides instant feedback.
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